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  1. Hard question to answer, but a set of teeth, how often would you need to change these? I know this depends on many factors but just a rough idea. I only ever hire stump grinders so never have to deal with maintenance, but I'm considering getting one of these. Seems a no brainer as I'm hiring mini grinders at £80 every few weeks.


    Also, will it tackle larger stumps if the user has the willpower?

  2. 22 hours ago, Treeation said:

    I don't think it is as you tend to get that more on oak and it would probably be dark brown as it decomposes during winter (if the photo is uptodate) 


    Are you sure its not expanding foam? Some one maybe has filled up cavities in the tree?

    Photo was taken in December. Doubt its expanding foam as the other locations are much further up and not on cavities.

  3. I wouldn't be experienced enough to say but hopefully an unfortunate incident. It wasn't doing anything unusual. Just cutting through tension with a pushing chain. Couple of chatters then it cracked. 2 months old, used probably 1-2 full days per week.


    Until this, we've been wildly impressed with the saw.

  4. 4 hours ago, Husqvarna King said:

    Your feet shouldn't contact the tree when your spikes are in, or do you mean when limb walking?


    If I'm chogging down a stem my only points of contact are my lanyard, safety line and the spikes. Even the toe end of my boots are off the tree. Feels like I'm kinda just swinging there, particularly when the saw goes in. Just thought the shorter gaffs might get my toe end to rest on the tree to stop lateral movement when I'm cutting.

  5. Been meaning to ask about short and long gaffs. I've the treehog spikes. I don't spike very often so have always used the long gaffs, as they're for trees and the short ones are for poles. I'm a small guy, shoe size is 6.5. It always feels like I'm just balancing on the spikes, that my feet aren't contacting the tree significantly. Would the short gaffs help?

  6. Hi


    Need a sub groundie in the Belfast area. 3 days (minimum) a week for at least the next three months. Some experience would be good, but more important is someone who is keen. If you have climbing experience this would be useful too. Mostly tree work with some hedges. There's every chance this will be extended beyond 3 months if things work out.


    Contact me - 07414787758 - for more details.



  7. Probably a bit extreme to call it a drought but here in NI there has been no rainfall for over 2 months. Hosepipe ban has been in place for a couple of weeks now. I've noticed a big beech near me that looks like it is in Autumn. Noticing a lot of other trees of all types and sizes have browning leaves, or sections that look completely gone, even some evergreen trees. Noticing more dead trees too but this may be a coincidence rather than a cause. How long does no rainfall have a long term effect on trees? Will they recover when the rain returns? From a climbing point of view, are these trees now weaker as a result? Any other advice welcome.

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  8. Wheel to wheel its just under 700mm. Problem is the discharge chute sticks out further. You can remove this but there is still a bit of metal under the chute that sticks out further than the wheel. So somewhere between 700mm and 800mm. Definitely not getting it through a 700mm doorway. 

  9. 9 hours ago, treevolution said:



    I have found that since I have gone over to the cordless hedge trimmers if does not really get used.



    What cordless trimmers do you use? I have two AP300 batteries for my MSA160T. Was looking at the HSA94R/T but was disappointed to learn they need a battery belt. Don't like the idea of having a cord attached to my clippers. I have good petrol short and long hedge trimmers, so don't want to replace them until they're broke. Thought the ELH would maybe ease the burden in the meantime.

  10. Anybody had longer term experience with these? Read a few of the older threads. Would just like to know if anyone who has bought them still uses them regularly. Seems like it would be useful but I can see it not even making it into the van for the day. Most the hedges I do are awkward bastards, so its up ladders, poking about, switching from long to short clippers, balancing on fences, overstretching, clippers down, clippers up.


    Looking for something to make it physically easier but also, and most important, quicker. Don't want to be fannying about adjusting a harness.


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