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  1. Thanks for all the useful info from everyone here i have decided to get my lads in that i work with to do it, at least i will get a good price.
  2. Great picture bro looking good in the action so to speak
  3. This is not a wind up haha, i din't mean the trunk was 4ft think i mean't around but thanks for the top few useful comments, to be completely honest i am a trainee tree surgeon to a very short extent and the boys at work are always taking the piss!! basically i need to know as much as possible asap to give them it back!! The picture is not from my garden! "The image below is an EXAMPLE of what is in my garden, i will have to get one of the kids to get a picture of my actual tree up asap." It is not my tree in the picture people... i just need a little help " I need a Short saw with a long chain " i am hearing all this haha Thanks for the good info on what i should do!! but i still need to know different types of chains and saws what to use on what tree etc
  4. Hello everyone, I have a tree in my back garden and it needs removing. The tree unfortunately leans over into our next door neighbors house/garden, It's quite a large tree about 20ft tall and the trunk is about 4ft wide, In the bad winds and rains when the branches fall they all go into the neighbors garden braking there ornaments becoming quite the headache. Anyway i need some info on what kind of chain i need and what chainsaw and if you know where there are and chainsaws for sale shop's/site's would be great The image below is an example of what is in my garden, i will have to get one of the kids to get a picture of my actual tree up asap. Thanks everyone http://housetohome.media.ipcdigital.co.uk/96/0000121dc/6386_orh550w550/Herbaceous-border-in-English-country-garden.jpg
  5. Now that is how you take down the big boys!!! one step or should i say branch at a time, seeing them freefall was great!! was someone at the bottom ???
  6. Great video!! i agree must have been embarrassing but people do need to use there heads a little more or less in this situation


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