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  1. now there a name i love hearing good old duncan slater he was my tudor at college for pest and diease and wow they were some of funny but most techincal lectures i ever had and notes for exam would require a small forest to print off. he tree fork research is fanstic and well worth amazing what we learn from it
  2. Hey anybody know were I can get screws and an av mount fir husqvana 395xp thus gv? I can't find them anywhere would they work from other 395? skyview
  3. hey was in a discussion with a colleague to day during felling and she never heard of this. now i call bunny ear but it could be wrong name for so what do you call the small cuts you put in below the hinge/ gob to stop the bark tearing down? skyview
  4. i think it got a tat impatience when chaining the piston well he paid 100 for machicne so i think it might just be worth while if i can split it what type of puller do you need for flywheel i try usually trick of a screwdriver behind and taping the crank but nothing moving
  5. i think the saw not worth the value but i think the experience is worth it thanks for help skyview
  6. hello a Friend given a chainsaw to see if i can do anything with but i am stuck. So they try to change the piston (with it still in chainsaw) and they broken conrod in half. so my question is how do i get the flywheel and clutch off to replace crankshaft? skyview
  7. Skyveiw


    sounds like the clutch is moving but jammed by brake it only clucth and a minor oil leak which i yet to loacte but as the oil gatheringon bottom of saw i presume it aorund there
  8. Skyveiw


    it most certainly the clutcth as it moving on idle so prsuming it new spring or would a fully clucth be better
  9. Skyveiw


    if the brake on the pull cord feels heavier and you can only get a few inches out and it wont start. brake off and it starts no problem and pull cord comes out without problem
  10. Skyveiw


    they look ok maybe need a clean and an oil
  11. Skyveiw


    hey I dont use top handle a lot so this is from memory nothing more but I pick up a cheap (i heard the groans) ms200t and aprt from minor oil leak all seem ok. But i cant start the saw with brake on it must be off for the brake to start the saw. I presuming this is not right and if so 1 does it need fix and it like to be a clutch related issue? Skyview
  12. ah i feel stupid now i get everything but that
  13. evening all i would post a video i record but it too large so i try and describe my issue. Every time i go to disengage the break on my saw the side plate move out and off the chain brake handle. i have to physical hold it against the handle to allow the break to be released. at first i thought it was the spring but i clean that and it still occurs so i use another saw side panel and it work fine so i am at loss at what wrong any idea?
  14. well open pruning wound in an urban area can lead fungi spores traveling easier. by removing branches (dead wood) you could open the tree to wind another fact is urban heat islands as this can effect the way the tree reacts just my rambling
  15. personally if i thought it was stolen i check a serial number on arbsafe and report to crimefighters or polcie even if they dont act at less you done you bit


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