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  1. Hi , im just posting this one in the hope someone has an idea whats going on . I very recently bought a SWB 05 landcruiser D4D . Shes a nice jeep etc but even on the test drive i felt she was down in power . I bought her aware of that and at a price that reflects it . However ! , i only had reason to put the trailer behind her for the first time the other day and now i see just how lacking she is . She hardly pulls the 12 FT ifor empty in 6th gear on the Motorway !!!. As i say shes clean , miles are low genuine 110K , shes not noisy on start up . No over heating like the last one i had (which would pull a house down) , new rad solved it eventually . Ive always got great pointers on here , far better than i ever gave unfortunately . Over to you Guys
  2. Hi , theres usually plenty of constructive feedback when i ask a question here . My processor has been flying , generally a great tool . When it comes to bar oil ive been using all sorts , generally brand new regulation bar oil but i will admit ive put some pretty shitty stuff i had in the back of an old container which had lain untouched for 10 years . So the inevitable has now happened and the plunge pump isnt producing oil when its connected . Undoubtedly some pure gunge got in , ive pumped it through half a dozen times and it seems ready to go but the minute i re-connect it the oil drops down and wont rise . When i open the bung , water appears to drain out every time . Fair enough its self inflicted but has anyone any solutions . Its the ultimate penny wise pound foolish move by me , im messing around with it the last couple of days getting nothing done .
  3. In general Never but i have seen hardwood get below 25% once . There could not have been more optimum conditions . It had been machine harvested so the bark was peeled and removed over a fair portion of the surface , it was on an elevated exposed south facing site stacked loosely . 4 good bays only made slightly over 18 Tonnes . The guy was doing big quantities of spruce in the same area and had railway sleepers on edge with covers on top . Was the best place i ever saw for naturally drying firewood .
  4. Well Steve , the stone cutter arrived yesterday ... Sounds perfect ! . The 357 is pulling like a train and superb acceleration after the adjustment you suggested the other day . Thanks very much for the work on both .
  5. Hi Ive seen this arise as an issue before but its happened to mine now . Its a palax ks 35 (08 model but less than 500 tonnes gone through it) it was working away perfectly and over a short period seems to have slowed and doesent seem to have the same force either . Filter is new , any ideas guys ?
  6. Cant disagree with anything thats been said already , U wont dry much this time of year without a Kiln .
  7. As a matter of interest do you deliver to the Republic of Ireland ?
  8. They (the shop) have a small rigid with a crane , they sell a lot of fuel .
  9. Yeah its worth thinking about when you say it ..
  10. I suppose you could but id say the emphasis will be on appearance , as in if you put the theoretical correct volume in and its still a bit below the top people will imagine theyre not getting full value .
  11. Fair chance id say , ive tried a fair few manufacturers but they seem an odd size .
  12. Id say youre right . They have a fair few (30-40 ) secondhand ones but they look well stretched so its the price of bag versus volume of extra timber youre not really getting paid for question .
  13. Im wondering about vented bag sizes and suppliers . Essentially im after being asked to supply a shop with bulk bags of hardwood . They have sold firewood with a degree of success before and they were describing bags around 1.4 - 1.5 m high with a plan area of 0.9m x 0.9 m from memory . Has anyone ever come across bags like these ?


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