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  1. Hi people, I'm an experienced climber in Norfolk looking to fill out some days this week. I have cs30 31 38 39 40 chipper ticket and UA1. So if you you need someone be sure to get in touch.
  2. Hi, I'm a subby arborist based in norfolk currently looking for work within the area (sub contract or full time) I have my 30 31 38 39 b+e and chipper ticket as well as the usual climbing kit, top handle and ground saw. I would also like to pursue work outside of the UK in Europe, ideally Germany or Sweden if the opportunity is there. If you need someone or have any questions please feel free to get in touch and I can also send my cv to you with more details if required. Cheers, Ryan.
  3. Hi Jonny, I realise this is an old post now but I just thought I would give you a message to see if you are still looking for climbers in east anglia?
  4. Hi I'm currently looking for more subby work in the Norfolk/Cambridgeshire area I have CS30,31,38,39 and a chipper ticket, as well as my own saws and transport. Give me a message if you need someone and have any questions. Cheers, Ryan.
  5. Hi I'm currently looking for subby work in the Norfolk/Cambridgeshire area I have CS30,31,38,39 and a chipper ticket, as well as my own saws and transport. Give me a message if you need someone. Cheers, Ryan.
  6. Hi, I'm a level three arb student at Easton college about to start my final year. I have recently moved to the norwich area and I'm looking for work. I'm willing to go self employed if insurance is an issue and I currently have a lantra chipper ticket cs30 and cs31 as well as my own ppe and chainsaw. I have been working in arboriculture for a year and have a drivers licence and transport. Thanks for reading the post, Ryan.
  7. Hi I'm Ryan, I'm a 21 year old arboriculture student studying my level three extended diploma in arboriculture at easton college. I am posting here to see if there is anyone looking for an extra set of hands on the ground within their company. I currently have my NPTC Cs 30 cross cutting and chainsaw maintenance and a Lantra ticket for woodchippers and will hopefully gain my felling tickets soon. I also have my own transport and saw and want to get working as soon as possible. If you have any questions or advice please get in touch, Thanks, Ryan.


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