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  1. I really mean it when I say it's a shame that others have had problems. They seem a great bunch of lads when you speak to them on the phone. I hope they can sort out whatever the issues are.
  2. No Mick I hadn't had the blades back after a week and rang them. I had a sorry they were left on the side but as I needed for a job on the following Monday morning and was told they would get them to me. No blades for Monday. Rang them again said I was going away for the rest of the week but I wanted them sent out. Thursday I had a call they were done and being sent. Arrived home Sunday no blades. Spoke on Monday they hadn't been done but they sharpened them straight away and I received them this morning
  3. Thanks Lads I'll put the numbers in my phone. I know I should have sent my first set off for sharpening instead of saving them up but with my holiday looming I thought they would be back in plenty of time not to cause any delay. It made me look a right muppet with my customers
  4. Thanks Jonny I give them a try next time. 17 days is way too long in my opinion
  5. I was just wondering who you use to sharpen your chipper blades. I have just used Saturn Machine Knives/Northern Arb and used their 72 hour return Service. Anywho 17 days later and they are with the couriers. Not good Darts in my book. Any alternatives please
  6. We meeting up down Dorset in a few weeks and going beach fishing. We went down to visit him the other day and I was giving him a lesson in beach casting.
  7. Did you have his video looking for the burnt out tractor. When he went up the verge I thought he'd rolled the landy:biggrin:
  8. Why don't you talk to me on What's up eh? Hang on I'm not on there. Scrap that:biggrin:
  9. Who knows Rich but it's one less character on here. Hi Andrew how's you
  10. Having read the post Rich I don't think he had a meltdown, he was giving advice as to best practise in Forestry. When I done my 31 I cut a bit high as it's easier and was politely reminded I should go lower. I didn't fail the course and as a result I still cut high. I am afirm supporter with the start as you mean to go on theory. If forestry is your chosen game then it's better to have the right habit than turn up on site trying to get work, only to drop a b****k on your first tree
  11. I've only talked to him once when I rang him for some advice. I must of bent his ear for at least an hour but he didn't mind. He seems the type who is only too pleased to help
  12. If you know a way in to the site, I getting in the truck now pick you up in 2 1/2 hours. I reckon we'll earn a quick 40 squid each when we weigh it in. More if we leave the cap on with all the gunk still inside


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