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  1. There may not be a choice of wet or dry for the final consumer depending on the findings of the current consultation by the govt. on particulate pollution https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-45225406
  2. Thanks all. www.chainsawbars.co.uk seem to do what I need , as far as I can tell northern arb only do full chisel in the gauge I need. Cheers
  3. Hi all, My brother needs a new chain for his Husky 385xp with a 28" bar. He has just cocked up and bought 1.6mm guage chain instead of the 92dl 3/8 1.5mm guage ( semi chisel) chain he needs ( yes I know it's all stamped on the bar lol) I said I'd source one but can't for the life of me find one ( a few on american sites but reluctant to shop there because of the postage costs and risk of import charges) Anyone know where to find one in this country? Tried Ebay, Northern Arb's web site and many others Thanks
  4. Thanks for that Chilledbud, hadn't realised Cupar did cashback :useful saving
  5. Well I think i'm sold on the handy 7 ton ; it doesn't matter what I'm buying , i always seem to want the one that's over the budget i've set. Think the wife will put that on my grave stone - "Set your budget then get the next model up!" Could be worse mottos to live by I suppose.
  6. Thanks for the replies both. Just having read the Handy 7 instructions it says several times ' DO NOT USE AN EXTENSION LEAD' so do you use it within 10 metres (cord length) of a plug or have you found a way round it? I assume, both machines being 3000w, that this applies to both although haven't seen the manual for the Clarke
  7. sorry guys - another electric splitter query ; I've read the others but they don't quite answer for me so I hope you don't mind me starting another thread. Upshot is a bad back means my maul swinging days are behind me and so I'm looking at a vertical electric splitter. think I've narrowed it down to the Clarke log buster 6 at £345 (after VAT reduction and 5.25% cashback) - with 5.5 ton pressure https://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/product/details/clarke-vertical-log-buster-6?da=1&TC=GS-030710006&gclid=CKid18nl8cgCFRSNGwodNnAAzg Or -bit over my intended budget (wife's intended budget) the Handy pro 7 ton Handy Pro 7 Ton Electric Log Splitter The hydraulics question is seeing as both these use the same power motor -3KW in this case, is it a straight choice of lower splitting pressure but higher stroke speed versus higher splitting pressure but lower stroke speed? Or is there something else involved? P.S. This is just for my personal use maybe 4 tons a year or so Thanks


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