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  1. Evening all, We run a small business down in the south east which Started in 1981 by my father. He has in the past had 3 fully employed 2 man teams for around 15 years but has gradually over time dropped down to having one fully employed 3 man team due to not needing the stress anymore. I have now been handed the reins and have all the spark and ambition he originally had so looking to expand. So I’m basically looking for some advice to find out when is the right time to grow. We are currently booked solid through to mid/late January with regular contracts and new contracts still coming in. I know having two teams means needing twice the amount of work however my heart is telling me the time is right but my head is holding back? we already have the van, chipper and climbing equipment so would just need a few tools to create a second team. So do we continue as we are with the single team having pleanty of work ahead of us hoping that people wait for us to carry out their work as they have in the past or do we expand; gobble the work up with a second team in the hope that work carries on coming in as it is? Any advice from anyone who has been I a similar situation would be greatly appreciated. 👌
  2. Thanks for the help, will look into that.
  3. That's fair enough, so in terms of a decent one around the 2k mark are there any specific ones to keep an eye out for?
  4. I was only thinking of a 8/10 ton little machine just to get me started or are they not worth it?
  5. Hi all, been a tree surgeon for 9 years working for my dad in a family buisness thats been running for 33 years. All the time the business has been running we have always given our cordwood and logs rings to a log merchant for £15 a trailer load. I've now sat down myself and decided its about time I did logs myself so we're now looking to get a half decent log splitter to start out with, Looking to spend between £500-£800. Is there any to stay away from or are they all as good as each other? Thanks Darren


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