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  1. I have owned this machine since 1996 and had no trouble in all these years.  I have changed the 700mm blade several times for sharpening and have three spare blades all multi teeth carbide tipped.

    A blade that was due for a sharpening suddenly started to vibrate and looking down the line of the blade a 1/8 inch wobble could be seen on start up but it ran true when cutting or when slowing down after I turned the  3 phase electric motor off.  I assumed that the blade hade warped and become heated at some time so I changed it for a brand new blade today which did exactly the same thing.

    I grease the bearings regularly and I can detected no play at all in the blade and when I put my finger on top of the bearing shaft on the grease nipple I cannot feel any vibration when running there but it is quite apparent that the whole machine is shaking slightly.  Apart from having two unbalanced blades by sheer chance, can anyone think of anything else to check.  

  2. 9 hours ago, Squaredy said:

    If the scales are accurate, and the dimensions given correct, then that is almost a fully dry piece of Elm.  Good fun, let's have some more!

    You are obviously as sad as me!


    What started me thinking was the thread on weights of wood, Loose stacked/m3 tight stacked and solid.

    I will try and weigh an even log of Sycamore with accurate dimensions and cut it up with the Lucas into perhaps 8x8 or 6x6 or 6x8s at 18 inches long and stack a couple of my potato boxes, one tight and one loose as a matter of interest.


    I have the top half of this Elm which is looking very interesting so I will try and weigh the whole log for a Christmas competition if the scales will take it!


    Well done everyone, at least it made you all think!

    Looking forward to Conor's chainsaw thread  "I learned about chainsawing from that!"

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  3. Slab of Elm


    Andrew.                                504 kg

    Spruce Pirate.                      153  kg

    Woodworks.                          299 kg

    AJStrees.                               240 kg.   (300)

    Topchippyles.                        220 kg

    Trigger Andy.                          235 kg.   (270)

    Dave at Dave.                         375 kg

    Puffing Billy                             380-400 kg

    Timm                                        295-310 kg

    Muttley.                                    345 kg

    Mark J.                                     425 kg

    Spud dog.                                 376 kg

    Treerover.                                  160.2 kg

    Mr Ed.                                         275 kg

    Conor Wright.                            272 kg

    Squaredy.                                   371 kg

    Monkey Business.                     356 kg

    Organic Guy.                              292 kg

    Josh Purton.                               346 kg

    Bike User.                                    256 kg

    Dumper.                                       306 kg


    Well it looks as though Conor Wright is the closest at 272 kg as the scales say 296 kg less the 25 kg Wiltec grab equals 271 kg.  So only one kg out!

    Hats off to Mr Ed for 275 kg

    Quite a few not far away

    Trigger Andy said he would not be surprised at 270kg which is lucky for me as it would either have to be half a mug or two mugs!


    Did not quite have the centre of gravity right when lifting but it does give a wonderful dappled effect on the slab which is not the grain!


    So perhaps Conor can give us all a talk on chainsaws as a punishment for winning!

    What has he learned about them, what makes does he prefer, how does he sharpen them, and any advice he would give to a beginner .


    So if you can pm your address Conor I will see if they have any mugs left or if they have all been bought by Arbtalkers!




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  4. 3 hours ago, Mark J said:

    Last night in sunny Wallsend: 



    That sky could frighten children who have been indoctrinated at school with "The World's on Fire"   

    You should have put in a  guide warning  "Some viewers may find these images disturbing"

  5. On 14/11/2021 at 21:50, dig-dug-dan said:

    12 so far buzzing around my conservatory, and only 6 baskets of logs I'm from the shed. They get released, but they wont survive. Not been stung yet

    Been nice warn sunny days here in the East Midlands when I released mine.  Might they not find another Winter home?

  6. A massive bit of virtue signalling here in this photo of my bike wheel that has become so worn with everyday use that the rim has become so thin that it has broken away from the main wheel!

    I still do not think I am going to do much to help the greenhouse gases as I probably expel as much CO2 and maybe other noxious gases from my body as the Kawasaki Mule on the same round trip!


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