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  1. Yes we have 20 molds takes about a day to make the 20

    <p>Ian </p>

    <p>Where r u based?</p>



  3. i lego block will last 50 years if you use railway sleeper bays only last till one of our diggers hit it so there not as ecologically unsound as you would think
  4. The Lego blocks can hold a couple of hundred ton of aggregates per bay no problem
  5. Yeah we make them Lego bricks a ton each in weight
  6. We go for the IBC cages stacked what's any one else do to avoid mold ?
  7. if any one needs a weighbridge in the Hull area you can use ours for free no problem ours is digital print out aswell
  8. no thats timber thats been air dried for 6 mths kiln dried is obviously a bit less weight moisture is around the low 20s people burn as soon as buying from us. no im not joking i have a certified weighbridge on site and weighing them thats the weight that we got them to i don't think 280 kg for a builders bag overflowing is particularly heavy is it ? for us having a weighbridge it seams logical to sell on weight on decent orders. barnsley bob a load of cord comes on a 80m2 lorry stacked and you get 52m2 split ??? the 1m2 crates of kiln dried on ebay weigh 500kg so i thing 600kg is about right.
  9. im looking for whole sale orders really say 10 ton that would be about 20m3 for say £1200 or somewhere around that price we have so much wood coming in we need some wholesale outlets we could do this amount a day i reckon
  10. no the timber is cut split and dried . ready for sale
  11. We have got a massive stockpile of air dried logs maybe 100-200 ton plus. All cut and split all hard wood what price should i be selling them lose for we obviously sell logs, by the builders bag nets and cubes but not by weight normally but i want to get in to the wholesale market. we have weighed a bulk bag and a m3 crate A net roughly 11-15 kg A builders bag is 280-300 kg A 1 m3 crate is 580-600 kg So on a load of say a ton would around £120 be about the right price or £140 delivered ? any thoughts ?
  12. It helps stop the driving rain were Beeing hammerd lately if we stack them waiting for drying it makes a bit of difference in time
  13. It's not the best of weather splitting is pooring rain is no good makes drying a pain in the a@se


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