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  1. Hi, my greenmech 150 seems to have overly high hydraulic oil pressure, appears high on the gauge, well out of the green zone. And the other day oil started flowing out the breather whilst using it and had to stop. So was going to change the filter element to see if that was the issue, I haven't rang Greenmech yet but was wandering if anyone had a good source where I can order one. Also how are you supposed to check the level?
  2. That was my last theory with the timing, but I think it must have been the rings on the no1 cylinder. Basically I have no idea how all that oil was getting in, but it was also getting into no2 cylinder the last time I had it out as well. Possibly flooding in don't ask me how but when I fill with oil the head floods and those two cylinders share a rocker cover? But it is working well now. May re-open this thread again is I have any problems but all seems ok now. Thanks for everyone's input
  3. I have checked everything, oil flows back down the rod tubes and does not flood the head, it's an incredibly simple engine which is why this is so confusing. There really isn't a lot to check. I have with the new rings in I have pumped out all the oil and got it to run. Still a bit smokey at high revs but nothing compares with what it was. I'm going to attempt to use it tomorrow, if the smoke doesn't clear I will be compression testing again to see if the cylinder with new rings is now any better than the other two. Maybe putting new rings throughout, but didn't want to fork out over £100 on rings if it didn't need doing.
  4. I replaced rings this morning and it made no difference, I'm told that the timings gears on this engine are pressed into the shafts without keyways. If the timing had slipped slightly is there anyway the oil could get in? I still don't think that would make a way for oil to get into the cylinder? Getting desperate now, thinking of just giving up and installing a kubuta engine
  5. Update, the cylinder was fairly full of oil last night, I left it at that stage, and today the oil hasn't drained at all, still at the exact same level. Would have thought if it was drawing up through rings it would have drained back through by now? Anyway I'm going to have the engine out and take the head off for the fourth time! When I last refitted the head I cleaned it up thoroughly and no obvious damage to it.
  6. the injector actually passes though the intake port in the head before it then passes through head, when I removed the injector tonight there was no oil inside this port until I turned the engine and pumped oil from inside the chamber up through the injector hole. So I don't think it a cracked head. I am very confused, the chamber must have been almost 1/4 full of oil or more and that's only turning over for 10 seconds or so. So whatever it is it's pretty severe. Seems odd that a piston with 400psi compression would let oil though like that doesn't it?
  7. There is no oil ways though the head as I said in my original post, the oil is supplied to the rockers up through the push rods and down through the push rod tubes which run separately down the outside of the block. the only route for oil to get from the head would be down the valve guides but I have fitted new stem seals and still got the problem so the oil must be coming up through/around the piston into the chamber. All seals and gaskets I've used are genuine original parts
  8. I have just got in from the shed after many hours and I can confirm is is defiantly oil and not fuel! The problem has worsened to the point that i was winding it over, it's just about to start when it totally locked up, I removed the injector and turned the engine over By hand to see a lot of oil pouring out the hole, I even syringes some out to make sure, the very same thick fresh oil I put in it moments before. How is this happening to this extent?
  9. All cylinders test around 400 psi so I'm leaning toward cracked piston instead. Especially considering the rings look visually fine, although the piston doesn't look bad, especially not bad enough for that much oil to be in the cylinder. Besides I know that it is the cylinder at the front of the engine (furthest from flywheel) as this is full of oil (black wet stuff, could possibly be carbony diesel) when I take it apart whereas the others were dry. It did not run on its own, have been able to shut it off every time. If it was fuel, how would I check. When I run the engine with the injector outside it mists as it should and like I said the engine runs fine until at high revs.
  10. Yes it's a 3 cylinder Alpha engine with individual pumps however in pretty positive it's oil, this is a serious amount of smoke all at once when you get up to probably top revs. The intake is all fine as is the filter. As for the valve guide, the guide was not cracker just scored so was replaced.
  11. The valve guide stayed put and the piston met with the valve. I cleaned off the piston and couldn't see any damage at all, obviously there was a valve shape in the carbon deposit on top of the piston but no visible damage to the piston. But yes does seem to be a coincidence, I think I will price up a new piston
  12. As far as I can see it has no breather, there is nothing that tees into the intake or air filter at all. Therefor even though the rings may look ok it surely HAS to be them?
  13. I searched high and low for some kind of obvious breather, Pete b where do I find it on my lpa3 engine? I continued to remove the piston and ring and piston look to be in very good condition
  14. A few weeks ago I was using the greenmech chipper and it's suddenly started knocking quite badly and chuffing out loads of oil smoke. So I had the engine out, found an inlet valve was stuck open, and corresponding push rod bent. I replaced the valve and push rod and put back together with new gasket set. With the engine now back installed it starts and runs without knocking and all seems fine (runs with no smoke at all) until you get up to the very high revs where it suddenly just starts chucking out massive clouds of blue smoke. This engine has no oil ways through the head so cannot be head gasket, it is now fitted with new valve stem seals, so by my reckoning I have buggered rings? Any advice or experience with similar issue is appreciated, thanks,
  15. Hi Pete, what do you mean by motor? On the end of the shredder drum there is a bearing and then on the end of the shaft is the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump basically sticks out in front of where I would expect the bearing for the top feed roller to be?


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