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  1. no ransom, simply an observation, leading to a theory and opening a discussion.
  2. Mick, i'm talking from a business point of view and the lack of labour avalible. £50 added onto a quote isn't a big deal, an extra 50 in a subbies pocket is, meanwhile the subbie sets up and detriment takes effect. But to be honest I do both, I sub to my pals and do my own stuff, so... both sides of the coin
  3. subbies run a business and bare their relative costs and guess what, those costs have changed in the last 6 months, let alone the last 10 years. Is it time to stop dictating what you are prepared to pay a sub-contractor and allow them to dictate the price of their service to you as their client as you do your clients? There isn't a labour shortage, your labour is out there setting up business because the subby you could pay an extra £50pd by passing said cost onto client is now quoting against you. unless something changes I see the race to the bottom commencing very soon, hope you didn't take out too much cheap finance...
  4. ah thats not too bad, i suppose i ought to give um a try at least.
  5. true, just dont want to be messing about every 5 mins sharpening
  6. alright rob, yeah thats probably me haha, trying to get away from sub climbing though. cheers for the info, if im modifying it im just going to uprate everything, meaning bigger wheel, bigger guard to house it, stronger belts etc, someone might argue and say get a bigger machine, but price was key on this.
  7. thats good to know though, save me stripping it down to find that out, so thanks. thats not bad thinking long term, even with an additional 500 bucks, -120 for original set of teeth thats £380 for a mod thats going to be more efficient and cost effective in every way.
  8. good point, didnt know if there would be a puwer issue somewhere, but surely providing there is a guard it should still meet all requirements? i just took the flaps off the back of my jensen 530 hopper doing my nut haha, thought well thats what a visor is for right?
  9. cool man, thats good to know others have had some success with it, ive heard replacement teeth on these a pretty pricey hence my thinking, im actually wondering if i can get a larger guard to house a slightly bigger wheel, possibly somthing of this size, figured the camon has a smaller engine and seems to be ok with it.
  10. so impulsively bought one of these last night, its my first grinder so wanted to see if theres demand for it, figured at that price with a kohler engine cant be bad, if not should pay for its self at least. anyway once the teeth are shot im thinking of replacing the wheel to fit green teeth, anyone had any experience with this?
  11. Hello, looking for additional contacts, currently have most Thursdays and Fridays available. experienced groundy, also happy to climb if required. based in Kings Lynn but can travel. own equipment. CS30,31,38,39. Lantra chipper, first aid. L3 ND Arb if you would like to discuss details further, feel free to give me a ring on 07557818223 regards matt.
  12. hello, looking to build more contacts to sub for. available to work thursdays/fridays, also over the xmas period, long or short term. based in kings lynn but can travel. currently studying L3 ND arb hence why thursday/friday are the main days im available, but i can be flexible to an extent. 2 years industry experience. own saw PPE CS30,CS31,CS38, Lantra chipper, first aid. soon to have B + E licence and CS39 if you would like to discuss details further, feel free to give me a ring on 07557818223 regards Matt
  13. hello, I'm currently studying L3 Arb at Easton, and looking for work experience. Willing to go self-employed if insurance is a issue, have all PPE, chainsaw and own transport. currently have CS30 and working towards CS31 that i should have soon. hoping to gain climbing qualifications in the future. current first aid. full clean driving licence. some experience doing ground work. hard working and keen to gain more knowledge and experience. 07557818223 regards, matt


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