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  1. Hopefully the thread won't get lost at the bottom of the pile!
  2. Know body wanting a hard working bloke to work for nothing for them!? Surely!?
  3. Hello again forum! So leaving the Army in December for a career in tree surgery.....things going very well and I'm on a few courses towards the end of the year. I am however looking for unpaid work exp, I want a feel for the work and don't mind getting stuck in to do anything at all....I'll make the brews all day too!!!!! I'm currently living in Woking but moving to Oxfordshire in 5 weeks so can work in either of these places. I look forward to hearing from you all. Regards
  4. Thanks chaps! Looking at websites and seen some nice new shiney things!!!
  5. Thanks guys! Really helpful stuff!!! Learning more every second on this forum! Keep it coming!
  6. And gloves..... (Cheers Max.lawless) lol
  7. Hello Forum 3rd post, KIT!! I am wanting to buy the best stuff so that it will last for as long as possible! Chainsaw boots..... Chainsaw Trousers..... (Can some one explain the classes I keep reading about!?) Helmet/visor/ear defence..... Any recommendations!?!? Oh and anything else you think I will need!? Thanks again peeps!! Regards
  8. No wasn't taking the p**s.. It was a gen question! Thanks for the info though, very helpful!
  9. Thanks Steph!! Is a ground saw different to one I'd use in the tree!? (Novice question number 1) (many to follow) haha!
  10. Cheers arimog, that's a good point, first aid is high on my list! I can get ton loads of tourniquets, bandages and Celox!! And usually stores are for Storing!!
  11. Cheers mate, couldn't go a morning without a Brew! You guys have NAFFI breaks right!?!?!?
  12. Hello again Forum! So I had lots of good feedback about training in my previous post Si thanks for all who added their input! Next question is..... Kit.... What should I be looking to buy!? I have the fortunate position for 6 months to be earning a Wage from my good boss HER MAJESTY! So if I do need certain items I can buy sooner rather than later! Second question is.... Are there any willing company's/people out there who would take me on as voluntary so I can expose myself to as much work as possible!? I'll be living in Oxfordshire in 5 weeks and my family live in Sheffield so any locations near these places would be ideal!! I'm working off a 'don't ask don't get' basis as you can tell! As always thanks for any input you all have!! Regards!
  13. Thanks for that mate, anyone know any good firms in oxfordshire that would be interested in a soldier looking for work!? Lol
  14. Thanks for the info so far chaps, Yes the Army do provide some funding for courses! JimM what is the potential for Ex soldiers in the industry, will I find it hard to get along side a firm for work!?


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