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  1. Thanks for your replies, Ive never quoted for such work so day rate would probably be good idea, Is the farm work knapsacking around buildings etc for example? Never considerd it, just assumed driveways an the like
  2. Hi all, Im needing to earn some extra, as mon-fri not really cutting it, no pun. I have NPTC PA06A/W which to date i think ive only used to treat stumps, Any options worth looking into using this ticket? Could be perfect as i dont have trucks etc, just me a-b focus ;-) Appreciate your thought Treepuncher
  3. Hi all, Lookin to replace my much loved gladiator 2's, I feel the heat, and start getting frustrated about 20 degrees, so the ventilations are apealing, but i read that they dont have the protective coating on them that the galds do, Was wondering if anyone had a opinion, Cheers
  4. Yeah, im a dad too now, an seeing my little boy (2years) waving me off in morning etc is harsh, and that video sumed it all up really
  5. Hi all, Stumbled across this video Im not usually the kind to be moved by a video but this did a little, not gonna lie about it lol Anyway hope its new to you guys too Treepuncher
  6. Hi all, We are getting desperate for a site to tip off, all our current ones are either full or full of water, we work mainly around: Maldon, witham, heybridge, burnham on crouch, chelmsford, all the surrounding areas.. We usually have a fair bit to get rid of, 7.5tonne truck worth. Any sites with ideally hard standing would be greatly appreciated, or even if you know someone who does want chip. Please pm me the details Treepuncher
  7. Hi all, Was wondering if anyone is still cutting HV stuff for national grid. We used to cut for fountains before it all went quiet, and i know theres not many in house staff. Or has everyone given up after their new policies?
  8. Old Knobbley tree in Mistley a 'sanctuary for hunted witches' - BBC News Thought may be of interest to some
  9. I racked up over 26 days... Yes days... Of game time on COD black ops, was playing last night and almost threw my controller due to how hacked it is now, But my fav would be the Battlefield series
  10. Found this on my youtube reccomended videos The prank itself is done well, but i think it goes a bit far, being in america it could have gone wrong very easily.....
  11. Yeah newspaper is my normal approach :-) although it doesn't quite cut I when they are soaked through lol
  12. Has anyone ever tried these electronic boot dryers? Husqvarna makes these Husqvarna Boot Dryer https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B009X7T296/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_WJPoub1FGWTT6 As I don't have a open fire to damage them by lol or a warm cupboard, was hoping something like these May do the job, Any thoughts?
  13. Hi all, I use the sip jacket and trousers, the flexorhane ones... Were fine for about a year or so, last week got wet through within a hour, and they say they don't need reproofing when I asked, Think I may go for cut and climb this year, any recommendations on trousers??? Ideally ones that can be pulled over a boot


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