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  1. Every 3ft square I put a a 2-3ft pallet slat into rough thrown logs which sits on log built edge, as this locks face to inner core. Bricklayer for 27 years in church restoration . So just like a wall tie. Also battering walls in as this must help. just need mortar to truly solid it up:thumbup:
  2. Any one built one. I,m building one a for next years supply. As always struggled to keep logs dry. Just wondering if any one has thoughts on how efficient at drying at centre of heap will be. Mine will be 10ft diameter. Maybe 7ft tall. Might try to do roof with layered logs to mimick thatch. As opposed to a tarp which will prevent moisture escaping.And they look really good.
  3. New chain n bar purchased on 281 xp. Cut like hot knife. Then we hit metal in tree. And 2 teeth snapped off😂. Is it still ok to use ???? Or am I being tight.
  4. brewpup

    281air filter

    Where do I get such an item. Quick goog this morn only seemed to find USA or eBay stuff. Must be a little man in a business with a box full somewhere.?
  5. Just been sharpening chain with new 5.5 mm file from local man.also ordered new chains n things from chainsaw bars..just finished sharpening and spotted broken side link :thumbdown:so now waiting for new chain..
  6. What angle should I be filing on this Carlton chain. Cheers.
  7. I've got to know our local dent repair man very well. 2 visits to him in 18 months.total £350. He did have a load of logs of me though. Logs for dents was mentioned.
  8. It does say A2 on chain. Googled it. And it's a Carlton chain looks like 3/8 then.
  9. Thanks morten. What's the difference between the 2?
  10. Hi. What size file for our 281xp with 24 inch bar? Also What size chain when it's time to replace. Maybe a serial number for the oregan make, if poss. Thanks a lot.
  11. Help For Heroes. What a good cause.:thumbup:
  12. Any log sellers gave a load to charity. If so what prices did your loads go for.. my friend done a charity night for cancer research and raised £4550. My logs went £120 for 2 cube. Well chuffed.:thumbup:
  13. brewpup

    I want one...

    Funny.like it.I want squirrels.
  14. brewpup


    Don't know how to add photos. Would like them little pics as side of page you lot have. The walnut has a very thick knarly bark with little crescent patterns on edge. Also has a large white 2nd layer before centre. Which looks chocolatey.
  15. brewpup


    Been splitting a random selection of timber. Mate says we got some walnut.looks a bit light chocolate in colour. Is this a good wood burning?if indeed it is walnut..oh and found a old hand made nail well inside a2ft tree.


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