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  1. Yes you're right, should have been 1.3t not 2.3t, duh !
  2. Ah, thank you Grasshopper...
  3. Having said that though, there does need to be a straight discussion with the client prior to carrying out the work to establish what depths are required/expected. Sometimes 2-3 inches is sufficient, other times 12"+ is required. But, it is horses for courses with the machinery.
  4. I'd like to see something like a B.S for stump grinding, or even assessment from the AA for stump grinding businesses. This would help sort out the likes of this contractor you had in. I'm often being called in to follow up after this sort of contractor, its good for my business. I mostly only do work for "trade" or recommended by the "trade", so some form of official standard would be good. Perhaps you AA approved fellas could push for having some sort of assessment/approval so that you can sub out with a bit more confidence.
  5. I've just had to look into this as I've been questioned several times about validity when doing site work. My NPTC dates back to late 90's, but I've generally got by by pointing out that there aren't any expiry dates. I emailed City and Guilds NPTC and they replied that CofC is still valid but they recommend a refresher. Looked slightly deeper into it and on AA website they state that all NPTC for chainsaw obtained prior to June 2010 will have 3 years before expiry, therefore taking us to end of May 2013 before refresher is required. ??
  6. Does anybody know if there are any grants available for buying plant and machinery in our industry. There are loads if you're a farmer, but i'm not.
  7. A Defender 130. Well capable of towing 3.5t and legally.
  8. I'm going to buy a Carlton SP7015 TRX, the one Im looking at is a 2006 model. Has anybody who's already got one, had it weighed ? I know the official literature states that its 2ton but I'm not convinced that this is right, I think its heavier. My trailer, with screens, boards, ramps, tools and spare diesel weighs 2.3 ton so it could be important. I'd rather not be on the M3 with a VOSA officer proving to me my trailer and machine is overweight.


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