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  1. Looks like I'm losing one of my regular subbies so I'm after a hand again! Climber or groundsman (with aerial rescue) would be ideal. Any questions please get in touch! Thanks, Josh
  2. 04roperj

    Hill Field

    Friendly and a very easy tip site with good access from the road. Had tipped within 15 minutes of phoning to check chip was still needed!
  3. Still on the lookout for subbies/labour if anyone is keen for some work..
  4. Still looking for groundies/climbers/helpers if anyone is in need of some work in Bristol! Drop me a message if you're interested, thanks. Josh
  5. Getting to that busy time of year again for me and could always do with people to call on! Happy to use climbers or groundies. Please drop me a message if you'd be interested. Thanks!
  6. Hi there, One man band here (usually with subbys helping out) looking for some extra help. I'm looking for a sub-contracter to help fairly regularly with tree work and also some hedge trimming type jobs. Either a climber or groundsman would be suitable, I'm just looking for an extra pair of hands to call on when needed! Any questions drop me a PM! Thanks, Josh
  7. Hi there, I have a small stump to grind out for a customer and I am wondering if there is anyone in Bristol that knows a good place to hire a grinder or someone who I can personally hire one off? Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction! Cheers!
  8. Anyone after someone to come and do some ground work for them? Based in bristol but can travel. Willing to do a day or two at a reduced rate so you can see how I work etc.. Please get in touch if you have any questions.. Josh
  9. <p>Hi Josh I forgot to say I have a chipper and truck as well</p>

  10. Any Bristol based groundys wanting some work every so often? Get in touch
  11. Good morning all, My name is Josh and I live in Bristol. I do tree surgery alongside other larger garden maintenance and I am after someone that I can use on bigger tree jobs as and when I get them. If there is anyone that could help me out for a day or two every so often that would be good. Only requirement would be to have your aerial rescue (CS38) ticket. If you may be able to help with this then drop me a PM or reply to me on here and we can go from there! The other thing I wanted to mention is that I am also looking to do some more work for other companies to gain more valuable experience. I can either ground or climb and have CS30,31,38 and 39. I also could provide a small chipper and van if that is any use to anyone? If you have any availability for work, I would be willing to do a day or two for free so you can be sure that I have a good work ethic and attitude. If anyone has anything going please do get in touch! Also willing to travel a bit too... Cheers, Josh
  12. Anyone know anyone in the area?
  13. Hi there, I have a job later this week and wondered if anyone knows of anywhere I can drop off a load of chip or two. There will also be some wood available for collection! The job is in Chelwood, Bristol (BS39). Thanks in advance!
  14. Yeah, and I guess the configuration means they can't be self tightening (only for use with a crotch to hold in place)? For chogging could I use an x-ring with an open end and use a timber hitch to set it rather than using a whoopie or splice sling? Im guessing that is what is shown in your second picture with the yellow slings?
  15. Oh yeah, that's not with the thimbles in the picture you posted first though is it? You couldn't do it with them?


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