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  1. Two to five days work available next week in South Wales and Chippenham for bat roost surveys (w/c 2nd September). Text me if interested and available on 07788 918685. Cheers
  2. Looking for a climber to help for a couple of 1 day jobs this month, starting next Monday in Chippenham and around the 25th and 26th October in Wales. Possibly more, so if you are flexible there may be a few opportunities. This work is to undertake surveys for bats in trees. If you have availability and are keen on something a bit different, send me a message and I'll be in touch. Cheers
  3. Following on from the bat comments, it's really worth following the 'bat tree habitat key' group on Facebook run by Henry Andrews. There's a lot of useful photos of bats using various cavities, splits and crevices. Evidence of lesser horseshoe bats (rare little buggers and restricted to the south west and south wales) have also recently been confirmed in a hollowed stem butt-rot which was not formally known. I survey buildings / trees for bats and its surprising where they can turn up so don't overlook them. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  4. The document has been updated. For anyone interested, have a butchers - its very good: Andrews Ecology - Downloads
  5. Looking for a groundie for an easy days work around 17th-20th Dec. two trees to climb looking for bats. Interested? Brady
  6. From an ecological point of view, would be great if you could send your records in to your local biological records centre (BRC). This sort of info is great to get an idea of protected species locations and numbers. It helps ecologists and wildlife trusts with their planning and management of habitats. A good place to start to find your local BRC is: http://www.nbn-nfbr.org.uk/nfbr.php Great post. Would love hear more about what else people found B
  7. Yea I really enjoyed it too. Quite an entertaining read in places. As mentioned he's hoping to update and bring out a newer version by January (I think) so don't want you to print out a redundant copy!
  8. For anyone that may be interested, here's a couple of decent free downloads looking specifically at bat roost features, locations, species preferences and methodology when potentially coming into contact with such features. The author is looking for feedback, and an arborist's perspective would be quite valuable.he's hoping to update this document at the end of the year. I myself am an licensed bat worker /tree climber and would like to encourage anyone to pool their knowledge and get in contact. Here's the link: http://www.awaecology.co.uk/Pages/41/Downloads.html Enjoy,

    <p>Hi Chris, I remember seeing your reply to one of my posts regarding aerial tree surveys for bats. I'm looking for people as backup to potentially help out with a load of trees surveys over winter although nothing is confirmed yet. </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>You mentioned you're a licensed bat worker and tree climber? Where do you live, and do you have all of your own kit and insurance?</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I'm putting the feelers out and if you think you may be available / interested if something comes out then do let me know.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>My email is <a href="mailto:" rel="">[email protected]</a></p>

    <p> </p>


    <p> </p>



  10. Thanks for tour help andy. By the way, I'm looking for someone that might be available this Monday do a day in Cardiff?? I've posted a seperate topic in the employment category. B
  11. Mark- you need a bat licence from Natural England. That usually requires 2 referees who can attest to your knowledge of bat ecology, handling skills, identification skills etc and are willing to sign you off. This usually requires several seasons of experience visiting various roost sites and looking at different species. This is best done through your local bat group to gain experience. Hope that helps. B
  12. Thanks for all replies. Found someone to help and found a Myotis sp. roosting about 15m up in an old willow. Always looking for freelancers who can help out in different parts of the country so feel free to pass on your details as I travel about a bit Brady
  13. Need a groundy with CS38 to help look for bats in Cardiff. Job should take most of the day, checking 7-8 trees for bats. If interested, send me a message. Brady
  14. ps. I'm looking at going to the site next Thursday or Friday (15th or 16th)


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