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  1. Site of specific scientific interest ?

    That's what I looked on and the field was definitely not outlined 👍🏻
  2. Site of specific scientific interest ?

    The landowner says he doesn't mind it coming out and had granted me access, was just making me aware of the sssi but doesn't seem to have one when I look on the gov website maps
  3. Anyone come across working on land with an sssi on it ? Just been asked to remove an ash tree at the bottom of a garden, when asking the landowner whose field we wanted to access into, was told it was an sssi listed field. Been on the gov website to have a look and the map shows nothing on it, nearest land is about 6 miles away with an sssi on it ?
  4. Liability insurance

    Morning chaps, any ideas on best place for Arb insurance? Thanks in advance 👍🏻
  5. Tracked chipper wanted

    Tracked chipper wanted, preferably a 150 timberwolf but willing to look at other brands, anyone know of anyone or anywhere there's any for sale around 12k Cheers Ged
  6. Go on then, What was your best Present??

    It has the initials jb on mine (jonas berglund) Just looked yours up, he's called Mattias Blixt 👍🏻
  7. Woodchip - Rotherham

    Hi, where are you based? Cheers Ged
  8. Sleaford van & chipper Tuesday

    Just putting the feelers out for anyone able to work next Tuesday in sleaford with a van and chipper, please inbox me for more details Many thanks Ged
  9. Woodchip Sheffield

    Morning all, does anyone want or know of anywhere in Sheffield that will take 2-3 loads of woodchip next week, preferably near to the park square roundabout? Many thanks Ged
  10. Available for work South Yorkshire

    Available for occasional work in and around the South Yorkshire area Nptc cs30/31/38/39 Tracked chipper B+e trailer Pts (for rail if needed) ici, olec1 Cscs Clean driving license All ppe and kit Very reliable and very hard worker 👍🏻 Many thanks Ged
  11. Boring out silver birch

    It was just a set I bought from screwfix for £39.99, I used the 54mm to bore the hole (biggest in the set) then used a 41mm to sit the tea light in at the botttom. Also found it easier to bore out two small holes side by side to form the top of the heart then used a small drill and chisels to do the lower part, still room for improvement as the other half requires 8 in birch for the wedding 😁
  12. Boring out silver birch

    Managed to knock this up out of a piece of pine, on with some birch ones tomorrow 😁
  13. Boring out silver birch

    Cheers for the advice folks, got myself a forstner bit set and numerous other drills & chisels. First attempt was a bit shady but had a bit of inspiration for the next effort 👍🏻😊
  14. Boring out silver birch

    The picture does just show one made out of bark but I'm wanting to leave some of the heartwood in and also not go right through the bottom, just had a look at those forstner drill bit sets at screwfix, only £39.99 so think that may be the way forward


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