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  1. Looking to fill Afew free days that I have in my diary. I have ten years experience and work to a very high standard. Please call max 07909226868 Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  2. Hi I'm currently a couple of weeks booked but am always looking for more work. I have 9yrs experience, climb at good fast pace and get any job done. If your interested or just want to have a chat then give me a call. Max 07909226868
  3. Yeah elephant hawk moth there wicked when they come out purple green colours, but scary as fook when in yours hands.
  4. I climb for a living and I'm quick call max 07909226868
  5. Look up a cut above tree services in Medway there good.
  6. I have been climbing for 9 years, work at a fast speed. All relevant nptcs own gear and ppe. I live in London and will go anywhere in London and most of the south. I have work but its pretty week to week so get in touch and we can have a chat. Cheers max 07909226868
  7. max25


    If your not worried at some point u are not human. There need to be that element of fear to keep it all real.
  8. Hi there , I am available for freelance climbing work around the london/south of England. 9 yrs experience, all relevant tickets and work at a fast pace. I will work anywhere in the uk if the price is right. Please message me on hear or call Max- 07909226868
  9. hi there jason i work around most of london and would be happy to have a chat and see if i cant come and do some days for you. give me a bell 07909226868 max
  10. Anyone know were I can find out rules and regs?
  11. well if i was to but a large lorry i.e 7 tonne + could i insure it like a tractor and not need a hgv i heard you had opperate within sertain distance of yard and thing like tht, just wanted to know ware i could find out more really?
  12. just wondering if anyone knows anything about the law regarding agri spect insurance and wot u can and carnt do I.e can i get a lorry and make it agri spec there for not needing a hgv liesence?????????? help??
  13. cheers mate alittle far away but we talked.
  14. hi my name is max i am looking for any freelance climbing work in the south london area! i have all my tickets and own gear! pleases call and we can have a chat. 07909226868


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