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  1. Hello Damian.


    I have seen many of your post before and I have always been tempted...

    I have 4 years experience as a climber in Spain. I work in parks, trees around the city and in private gardens. I also worked in the national monument "Alhambra palace" in Granada for a year.

    The problem is that in Spain nobody cares about tickets.

    I am in the process of getting my CS' now that I live in Bristol, so far I've got cs30 and cs31 but not enough for a climber in the UK.

    What is the crack in Austria? Do you need someone with climber tickets? How long is this position for?


    I would also be interested in a ground job if my qualifications are not enough for this position.


    Thanks for your time, and if the position can't be for me all the best in your search.



  2. Hi to all and thanks for your replies... Well I don't expect anyone to take me to a busy contract operation and show me how to do the job... I just need some practice and it might be that someone has the right place for that... just trying my luck. Also the fact that I don't have the tickets does not mean I'm useless. I worked as a climber/surgeon for 5 years in Spain (where you don't need tickets and very few people assess). I haven't done much tree work in the last few years and what I need to do for the cs31 is a bit different than what I use to do and that's why I want some more practice. Thanks again for the advice and if you hear from someone that might have those trees for me to chop down let me know pls, it'd be much appreciated.
  3. Hello. I was wondering if anyone has a felling site or some felling work near Bristol. I did my CS31 course this week and I feel I could use some more practice. My assessment is in 3 weeks!! so I have some time and I am keen to give anyone a FREE hand in exchange for some practice... My instructor said that as long as I have done the course and someone with the ticket is close by to supervise me is totally legal practicing. Also, I have all the gear and saws... Many thanks. Victor.
  4. Hello Mark. I am interested in some casual work. I am supervisor at a Landscaping company just know, I have the cs30 and I am doing the assessment for the CS31 in a few weeks. I worked as a Tree Surgeon for a few years in Spain (no Cs's required there).


    Where is the job you are offering? I could send you a CV if you are interested or call you if you give me your phone number. Mine is 07 507 685 450.


    Many Thanks.



  5. Cutting down a tree without tickets.

    I see... well, many thanks for the advices.
  6. Cutting down a tree without tickets.

    No, nothing on paper really...
  7. Can anyone of you guys give me some advice here, please..? I am working for a landscaping company at the moment. They got offered to cut down a Cherry tree and they asked me if I can do it. I have got the experience and the equipment to do it, but so far I only have the CS30. I am not English and I am in the process of getting the relevant CS'. It would involve climbing and an easy dismantle. They throw in some cash for me that I really need just now to pay for the next lantra course. So, Is it legal for me to do it while working for them? Am I still covered in case of an accident? What would you do? Many thanks!!
  8. Hello. I am looking for people interested in joining me in a CS31 course at the beginning of June, 1st-3rd. Bristol area. At the moment I am the only interested so the course will not go ahead unless some other people joins... If you are considering to take this course please let me know and I'll send you more info. Regards.
  9. Good quality and cheap Turf?

    Hi guys. Any one knows where to get decent turf in Bristol? I need around 40sq/m delivered if possible. Any ideas much appreciated!! Thanks.
  10. New climbing rope

    Well it's just that I have used the New England before and I feel more confident about it, but the Yale ones looks good as well... I'll consider it, thanks.
  11. New climbing rope

    Hello guys!! I know is a boring topic but I'm just about to buy a new climbing rope and I've got in mind the New England HV. Anyone has a better idea keeping in mind quality/price?? Or a supplier with a good offer?? Thanks, really appreciated.
  12. Can you ID this tree please?

    Thanks, that's what I though seeing the flower but I wasn't too sure with the leaves. Again, many thanks.
  13. I know the pictures are not great but is this some salix?? Thanks.
  14. salix?

  15. Safety Gloves

    Timberland? Timberland Protimber L Chiansaw Gloves. Have a look around, I think you might find a cheaper deal.


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