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  1. Remember that acidic conditions in courage moss. Long term iron sulphate will make the soil more and more acidic, Better is to add lime which works or MO Bactor which eats the moss.
  2. You wouldnt Adam and eve it. I have done it. Behind the control box hidden in lots of wires is a fuse that runs between the Volt meter and the over ride box. Which was damaged. I can now also hear the primmer fuel pump ticking when I press the over ride button to start, a sound i remember i havent hear for a long time. So I got three spare fuel stop solenoids now too BTW when you screw back in the solenoids make sure you dont forget the locking wash because the screw is other wise to long and rests on an internal spring and you are in for a surprise that you wont forget when you start up. It involves lots of black smoke. Thax every one for help it kept me looking and i would have given up a long time ago with out it. :thumbup:

    <p>Hay Roboted I am in Brittany France. You can ring me but It might be better if I ring you it would cost less. </p>

    <p>BTW I test the fuel stop by touching the earth to the body of the solonoid and then one wire at a time to the live. First i see the first coil pull the tip in and then the second hold it in. </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Let me know if I can ring you and if so what time. my no is 0698692045.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Thanx for the help so far. am now looking for at the emergency stop system and doing a lot of head scratching LOL.</p>


  4. All three of the old ones work on the bench but not on the machine. How I am lost:hmmmm2:
  5. I tested the old one quickly on a good 12V battery putting the live and earth on in the different directions for current flow.
  6. Whooo Thanx for all the feed back everyone. The machine is 3 years old. I think the engine was fitted in the states. I have only 2 wires out of the solenoid and it seems to be sprung. Surprised yours isnt the same as mine Dean? I could put a pull string on it to stop, but the emergency stop button then wont work and more important for me the oil pressure safety cut off. The other thing I noted is the volt meter has stopped working. Yesterday it was on idle and then stopped dead and that is how it has been before. I new what is was.
  7. I have had the stop fuel solenoid fail 4 times in 300 hours on my Bandit 65 xp. Its getting expensive to run on at this rate. Dose any one have any experience with this problem. The Kubota dealer cant keep up. Thanx for Any ideas.
  8. Well most of the time the side gate is not the only access but I honestly cant think of a job recently that I had no access but then again I am not working in London and chip dont often stay on site so if I do have to drag a few branches it just means I dont have to wheele barrow wood chip. Mind you when I did work in london most of the work was street trees or on a common.
  9. Call me lazy ( or Ty might call me old) but I just got so used to bunging in branches and forgetting about it that I could not go back to a gravity fed thing and if push came to shove I think I could get a the timber wolf 125 in 90 Percent of the jobs you get a cs .
  10. Sorry though it was general chat.
  11. I know someone on here that was nicked in the shower by a W.P.C Never did find out the details. I wonder if he will own up:lol:
  12. tomtrees

    poor pay

    The best way to improve your financial situation is to ask others how they have done so. Become the boss, Sell wood chip, start an arb forum. Then you can decide what wage to pay. Most people I know have gone out of there way to help me when I have asked. But you need to be positive a more productive thread could have been "how can I improve my pay. At 43 its going to be hard to climb every day I know but it dose n,t mean you cant work in the Arb industry you just need to find solutions there will be lots of ideas here if the questions are asked in the rigt way.
  13. tomtrees

    poor pay

    Pentecost is a normal working day day now Ty wipe your bum and pull your pants up and join us tax payers.
  14. Treespotter did you use an apple mac to buy the soft ware. Just a thought
  15. Have had the same problem up loaded at least 4 times and still wanted to import all those pictures all over again. I had to give up. Would like to know when its sorted out.


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