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  1. Well done Pete. It was really good to meet you on the course last week. Hope me and Nath have the same outcome on tuesday. Hope to see you about in the future and keep up the good work.
  2. I treat all my carvings with linseed oil mixed 50/50 with clear wood preserve.
  3. Its cedar. Its the first seat i've done. The customer loved it and has ordered three benches to go with it.
  4. there about 18'' to 2' down what have you used them for?
  5. I've been offered some monkey puzzle logs, has anyone used these for carving, turning or planking?
  6. Does any one know where I can get a load of larch from 6'' to 18'' dia. in the Lancashire area.
  7. They are a triangular design made to bat conservancy trust spec. I havent got any pics but I make quite a few for local farmers on stewardship schemes.
  8. Hi Dennis I can supply bat boxes @ 9.50 per box plus p&p Cheers James
  9. How much including haulage to Preston area.
  10. I use allsorts of timber. I'm using larch at the minute which is good to carve and finishes really nice. Ash is a nightmare for splitting quickly but this can add character to some pieces such as mushrooms. I would try using anything I can get my hands on to practice after all it can always go on the log pile as I know only too well. I was a groundsman when I started getting interested in carving and only used a standard bar to carve mushrooms, planters and benches but the carving bars certainly make all the difference.
  11. I Have an ms 170 with 8'' bar a 181 with 10'' 2 192's with 12'' and 16'' all carving bars a 391 for general cutting and a 660 for the logosol sawmill. I also use arbortec and mini arbortec for detail work and various sanders for finishing.
  12. Thanks for all the comments. i'm from Kirkham in Lancashire robbo.
  13. Just found Arbtalk. I have been carving a couple of years and look forward to gaining advice from seasoned carvers. Here are a some of my pieces.


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