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  1. Throwing money at old saws

    Have you seen the 181 for sale on this site could you use yours for spares has it stands but as the tile says its your hard earned money:001_smile:
  2. cement near to tree roots

    i have been asked to to install a quality wooden remembrance bench between 2 trees in a local grave yard. The trees are 3 meters apart The company who provided the chair provide security retaining brackets which are connected to the legs and secured to a concrete plinth 150mm deep via m12 raw bolts . Am i right to be concerned that concrete base close to tree root system may cause problems It is bit of a delicate matter since the family are set on the present location Equally i am sure that i am going to disturb the root system with the trees in such close proximity many thanks for info
  3. lowering willow

    I would say regrowth and rework. structures are ideally installed at low summer river levels heavy regrowth would not be ideal I am sure they may be other reasons
  4. lowering willow

    you have mentioned installing faggots. currently working alongside the Environment Agency installing faggots,log deflectors brushwood mattress and hinged trees tied into bank. On all river installs they are strongly against using willow
  5. Echo Power PPT-2400

    The Echo range of pole saws is rated well on the forum how do users find the Echo Power PPT-2400. what length does the pole extend to, any weak points on the machine and whats a fair price for a used one Thanks
  6. Stihl saw value

    it has been offered at £200.00 with known history . whats the max ideal bar length god for bid this one is staying on the ground:
  7. Stihl saw value

    can you please advise on the value and rating of a 038av Magnum Electronic Quick stop. what i have found out so far 72cc, produced from 1985, chainbrake Thanks
  8. Thoughts on Bio Chain Oil

    Previous posts on this subject touch on the use of cooking oil rapeseed bias dont know if this helps
  9. stock fencing

    The welcome advise is all sound. water in the hole is noted . I presume cutting a slot in the post and nailing a 4x2 is acting like a key way. With all the info so far for a novice the job could run into 2days if not straight forward.
  10. stock fencing

    Thanks for all replys, Brynseiri the job would be done over a couple of days to allow ground to settle. Excuses my ignorance are trainers posts angled to the support posts Country Boy fair point horses for coursers, would you ever consider setting corner posts in post crete or i am out of order. until i have seen the job I am not sure what items the customer as purchased
  11. stock fencing

    Hi, been asked to quote on installing 30 meters of stock fencing, customer needs to prevent his dog escaping. Customer already has materials. Basically fence will run parallel with established conifer hedge. I was wondering the depth,and distance between posts and methods to tension and secure mess to posts. I am also trying to find a solution in how to retain the base of the mess to the ground ie to prevent the dog digging underneath I intend to knock posts in by hand with post knocker tool no access to machine operated set up. Could be interesting due to the adjacent hedge i have the basic tools post hole spade wrecking bar, breaker etc. Finally, what would bea fair price for the job As always your suggestions are much appreciated
  12. New Arb truck

    Any takers [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo04m4kQOlI]Seddon Diesel - YouTube[/ame]
  13. Shindaiwa Pole Saw - Tight Chain/Loose Chain

    i run the Shindaiwa 230 with SBA P24 attachment. I have set the oil flow rate to max ie screw fully counter clockwise. when adjusting the screw ensure it is always slightly pressed in. Also ensure that the head gear head nipple is greased regularly and clean debris from guide rails. I have also found when doing conifers that you can encounter blockages behind the plastic guard ie cutting material is not being discharged. I once had a chain made by a local dealer which was tight in the bar they claimed it was the right spec. Purchased equivalent sthil chains with no priobs sorry if iam telling you to suck eggs
  14. Convoy PQ17 Tonight on BBC2

    just viewed on I player. It is always shameful that this country takes so long to recognise that these none serving merchant navy personnel endured such hardship, Their effort like so many from both 1st& 2ND worlds ensured that future generations had the opportunity to live in a better world. Likewise in this age of instant media would such poor top level leadership remain silent if it occurred in our present militarys roles
  15. If you are near Grantham local paper as a lorry sheet advertised for sale £40 no size given No 01949 842209


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