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  1. if there is any company’s in Scotland needed an experienced climber I'm looking to fill up some days freelancing. based in Angus, but willing to travel if the job is big enough. James 07791628155
  2. looking for a bit of freelance work to fill some space in the diary over the next month is anyone in the north scotland is needing a hand with any jobs. I'm an experenced climber and feller based around Dundee area. you can get me on 07791628155 james
  3. Needing a second climber for a few days over the week of the 20th November. The work is near spean bridge, accommodation is available. I'll be working onsite for the whole week, but only need second climber for a few days, 2 maybe 3. So I'm flexible on what days they are. you can pm at malarkeytreecare@mtcinfo.co.uk james
  4. Happy new year folks Just wanting to put the feeler out to see if there is anyone in the angus area needing a experienced climber. Best to get me on Malarkeytreecare@mtcinfo.co.uk 07791628155
  5. Hi Just wanting to put a feeler out there to see if there is anyone living in the Brechin area (Angus) that is looking for groundy work. There is a possibility of work with a company i work with coming up. i'm not on here that much so best to pm me at malarkeytreecare@mtcinfo.co.uk James
  6. happy new year all. I have some free space in the dairy at the moment, if anyone is needing a hand. I am based in Angus, but willing to travel around Scotland for the right job. Experienced climber and cuter/felling. own mid rigging kit, own saws up to 24'' own PPE. 4x4 with tailor license (no trailer at the moment). regards James malarkeytreecare@mtcinfo.co.uk

    <p>Hi </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>saw your post asking for work next week, I live up in kirriemuir so it's a fair treak for me to come down, but possable if your stuck. </p>

    <p>friday is not great for me but should be able to work around it.</p>

    <p> </p>


    <p> </p>

    <p>James Malarkey</p>


  8. I anyone needing a climber in Scotland, I'm based in Angus but can travel. I'm going to be over on the west coast on a wee holiday the week of the 6th April, If anyone is needing a hand before that or after my diary is still free. PM me if you would like me to send some info on myself.
  9. Just wanted to say thanks to some of the teams that have been in contact over the last month, it was nice meeting you all. I'm still on the hunt for work, so if any one hears of anything going!!!!
  10. just putting the feeler out there again, for anyone needing a climber or the like. I'm based in Angus, but can travel. thanks to those that have already got in touch. stay safe in these winds, James (malarkeytreecare)
  11. Hi all Just putting the feeler out there to see what work there is in the new year. I'm based in Angus, but happy to travel for the right job. PM me if you would like a CV, or have any news on jobs. james
  12. Experienced climbing looking for work in Scotland. I've got good references. My own climbing gear, saws to 25" and medium rigging gear. CV ready to e.mail out if needed. Clean Driving license and a 4X4 to tow stuff. Based in Angus but willing to travel. you can get me at malarkeytreecare@mtcinfo.co.uk 07791628155
  13. you saying you basically need to be asked in.
  14. I'm wanting to start moving towards becoming a trainer/assessor in Scotland. Does any have any experience in going through this? If there is anyone out there that would be kind enough to share there knoll age, I would be very grateful.
  15. I'm wondering if anyone knows of work going in Scotland? i have been working with a successful team in Angus and freelancing with a number of other teams in the area for three year, predominantly climbing. I would like to keep moving forward with the arb work, so would like to see what options are out there. Does anyone have any leads? Thanks James (malarkeytreecare@mtcinfo.co.uk)
  16. any ideas what is going on with this holly

    318222_10150845915885903_514780902_11981023_2076926601_n.jpgwith this holly

  17. are the bumps and lumps normal burls, or have they been a result of the aphids,
  18. no, it was a dark damp day, and i was busy working. if it is something of intreast, i can go back to get better photos. the colouring is like some kind of mould, over the top of the bark as far as i can tell.
  19. does anyone know what this is. It's not a fruit tree as far as i can tell.
  20. any ideas what this is. it's on a fruit tree of sorts, as far a i can tell.



  21. has any one got any idea, of a place i could find info on the different kinds and styles of gaffs. i'm geeking up on gear
  22. has any one got any idea of how good these spikes are, Harkie Classic Climbing Irons. Harkie Classic Climbing Irons: Tree climbing equipment from Landmark Trading it's my first pair, so i'v little idea of whats what
  23. you are not suprisingly right. thats what i get for using my memory, over commen sence.
  24. hi, i'v not not been working as an arborist for long, so it is most likely that i have read it wrong at some point. (i'll need to go back into the book to check). I thought Angiosperm relied on compression wood more for mechanical loading. so a wound to the top side would not create as big a problem.


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