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  1. This was my idea originally but it doesn't seem to be working quite as you'd expect. The money just disappears somewhere and you don't seem to have a great deal to show for it Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  2. Agreed mate, looks good before you get balls deep, them you see it doesn't work out like you expect Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  3. Ha! Well yeah I guess I had different expectations before I got here. Living the sweatshop dream is what it's turned out like Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  4. Just under 6 months mate. I'd love to be here longer if my shoulders were up for it, proper cold winter much better than a muddy one Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  5. Thom do you work for midland in Bristol? Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  6. This sounds appealing mate. Where do you work? Is it an easy market for a climber to break into? Je parlais un peux de francais, mais pas beaucoup Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  7. I'm subbying so getting paid into a uk account and paying uk tax and national insurance Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  8. Yeah sometimes I wonder what the hell I'm doing out here. If you just want to get money in your bank account this might be the way to do it but it kills any love for the work you might once have had. Rent is expensive here but veggies are cheap, rice and pasta are cheap. It's not impossible to live cheap, in fact it's pretty easy working long days Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  9. Nothing ventured, nothing gained hodge! Legs fine, just got fly now
  10. I'm subbing mate so getting paid into a uk account.
  11. Eh up lads. Just been going through this thread as I'm working in Norway, been here a week shy of a month now. The company I'm working for pays us 250 NOK/hr which is a wicked rate compared to U.K. rates. Esp as we seem to end up doing 10-13 hour days most days. We're pretty much getting worked like dogs. The pricing on jobs is pretty wild and all over the place. Some days we get well priced stuff to go to and smash through it super quick but a lot of the time there's a lot of pressure to get underpriced jobs done with too few people. Which is a dangerous way of operating a tree firm. Customers do seem to accept high rates for small jobs though so potential is there to make money and keep everyone safe and happy. This is a wicked country and when the weekend comes round it feels well worth it to be here but through the week Im considering giving up tree work all together. People say it's an amazing experience but as my uncle used to say when I was a kid; 'experience is what you get when you don't get what you want'! Any comments on my predicament welcomed
  12. The dark smudges is where it's coming from
  13. It could well be bearing. I don't reckon it's chain oil, it's the wrong sort of consistency and where it's leaking doesn't look like a likely place for chain oil to come from. Yeh I'll check the warrantee thing out
  14. Auto correct ^umburned fuel


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