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  1. So worth doing then ! Cheers Guys
  2. I have a Stihl MS023 and its in need of a new piston and pot because they are scored and the saws not running right now. Does anyone else fit new piston and pots or just bin the whole unit and buy a new saw? The new parts are far cheaper than a new saw so this is the way I am wanting to go ! ATB Matt
  3. My trousers that I am using just for ground work on small and basic stuff are: Huski Class 1, EN381-5, Design: A , 20 M/S and they are warm to wear even in the winter ! ATB Matt
  4. Cheers Stewie, Yes I only ever plan to stay small on chainsaws, 14"bar is fine for me, been looking it over today! A mate who used to be a full time tree surgeon still does a few bits here and there and has said I can join him on some jobs doing some ground work so this will keep me well practised and I suppose supervised a bit also ! ATB Matt
  5. Cheers steve, thank you for a good sensible post / reply
  6. Cheers, I already have trousers boots and helmet as I wear these when strimming and brush cutting. Also a good first aid kit and 13 years of crewing ambulances to know what to do. I have used a few saws a few times but never had my own, nor had much need until now. I also have the benefit of a mate who`s a tree surgeon by trade who is going to join me a few times to make sure am not into any bad habits and give me some guidance. growforest - The manual approach is one I am using currently, but its hard and slow work. We have a time restraint and so its good to be able make things easier and quicker so we can get more done in the day and conserve energy for post knocking etc. Why struggle when you don't need too? Other members of the group have been doing the work with chainsaws for the last 10 years as its the most suitable and appropriate way. They how ever don't use any PPE and have had no training and have no FA kit, so at least I am better prepared than them. Regards Matt
  7. Round half turn and two half hitches !
  8. Folks I am just about to buy my first chainsaw after using a few others. What am set to buy is a second hand off a mate Stihl 023 with a 14" bar. But am wondering if a 12" bar would be better starting out, Any thoughts? Am only doing ground work around the shoot I am on and its just clearing wind fallen trees/branches in the woods and also cutting small stuff ranging from 2" thick to 8" thick amd cutting points on some of it to use for improvised posts ! the saw seems to be at the right price £80 and its not going to get loads of work maybe used 5-6 days a year for 20-30 cuts a time absolute max. Cheers for your advice and guidence in advance. ATB Matt
  9. salop sniper

    Stihl 023

    Hi folks, am just after some advice if you have a minute? Am looking for my first chainsaw as I can't borrow my farthers all the time! A mate has a good condition second hand:Stihl 023 that he's offered me at a good price! Any thoughts on this, it's only for small light stuff ! It's not going to get a hard life by any means! And I would rather buy second hand good quality than new no name tatt! Am also going to have to learn the maintenance side of things now to as that was always done for me in the past ! Cheers Matt
  10. Hi iv used chainsaws very occasionally in the past maybe 5-6 times and really enjoyed it but all iv done has been as iv thought it should be done. But now I would like to learn how to do it propperly. Is there anyone in the shropshire area who could help me gain some experience using chainsaws - the how to maintain and make the cuts etc. I dont want paying and would work for free, weekends only due to work. I would love to have my own small holding when i am older (26 currently) so to be able to use a chainsaw propperly would be be great. also to find the reason / excuse to be using one now would be great ! My interest and keen`ness with the chainsaws may seem odd to those who do it all day every day but still. Cheers Matt Ps. I can make a good brew also !
  11. Hello, Another newbie signing in here. Am Matt 26 from Shropshire. Into the outdoors (shooting, camping,walking etc). Iv come on here to get some help with finding my way around chainsaws etc and going about learning to use them in the correct mannor. My next post will give more detail. Cheers Matt ( SS)


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