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  1. Brilliant thank you 🤘
  2. Morning everyone, Ive not been on this forum for a LONG time, just wondered if theres a for sale sub anywhere as I have a few bits of PPE ive found to sell while clearing out my house before I sell it. Im using the browser on android and cant seem to find the buying/selling part of the forum Cheers, Chris
  3. am i after brothergrim? im loosing track!! --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.551633,0.561910
  4. *magnesium even --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.551705,0.561940
  5. im actually employed in a job i want to leave atm so wont b able to use that reserve fund, shame! although could get an unemployed mate of mine to do it!! cheeky i think i will start touting for small jobs online, it is the easiest way of advertising i suppose! thanks for the ideas!! --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.551597,0.561636
  6. ive had it on and off for over a year and have found that mahnesium oil (you can buy it online) really helps, apparently magnesium helps to relax a muscle after it has contracted by allowing calcium to be absorbed! seems to work for me by sprayin bout 10 times on the area a few times a day --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.551661,0.561900
  7. well ive had some messages from a couple of different people so things are looking up hopefully! Still unsure whether to get my own saw or not though
  8. Hello , i run a firm called pro-tec tree management i would be willing to give you a trial , if you had aerial rescue would be better , would you be able to get to my yard in Stock ? I am on holiday in Turkey at mo so msg me your no and i will call you next week or email me a cv to jim@essextrees.com

  9. Well, funny story, I wrote a mahoosive PM to him the other week and thought it was weird that I hadnt heard back but found out earlier that it hadnt even sent! Doh!! PM has been sent just now though How's everything going?
  10. hi mate yea still looking, ill PM you shortly! Cheers --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.551644,0.561882
  11. new_fella

    first saw

    would any of you recommend a Husky 236 for my needs (i.e just getting into the industry, not doin a large volume of work, nor doin large trees)? Seems more reasonable value to me
  12. new_fella

    first saw

    Ok, duly noted, ill stay away from that saw then!! Ive posted a fair few posts in these here forums about finding work and have sent letters/emails and called literally every firm in the area (and some not so close to my area) and have had only one bit of luck so far, have also been going to local wildlife trusts etc about the possibility of voluntary work but still to no avail. My reasoning on buyin a saw was that if i were able to get more experience, and also say on my cv that i had my own saw, it would put me in a better position for possible job opportunities
  13. new_fella

    first saw

    husqvarna 357xp chainsaw | eBay Right there you go! Its for work, Im going to start doin small jobs for friends, family etc as ppl have said to do on here to get experience etc, so obviously only gonna be cutting stuff up to what the CS31 covers. I do want to go new but for a new saw it seems to be around the £400 mark which i really cant afford at the moment, was thinkin of trying to grab something cheap but honestly dont know what to do
  14. new_fella

    first saw

    hi guys im lpokon to get my first saw, ive only used a stihl 260 (i think) and a husky 346 on my cs30/31 course and much preferred the husky. theres a husky 357 on ebay at the mo that im watchin, just not sure wat to put in as a maximum bid? obviously for a first saw i dont want to spend a fortune but realise that ill hsve to part with a fair sum in order to not get a bag of s**t! the saw is in perfect workin order with obly usual wear and tear marks etc, wat would b a fair price do u think? (i dont want to put a link on here incase ppl start biding against me) --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.551550,0.561811


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