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  1. dadio

    Tulip spar bounce and roll

    IN order to minimize lawn damage and keep the log out of the dirt and off the ground so its easier to cut without dulling, two logs from the top were used to cushion the fall, then one log was used to stop the roll and another long limb was used to keep the wood off the ground...
  2. dadio

    Intentional Barberchair

    You are most welcome.... I love to study the physics involved and understand exactly what happens and why.. There is always something to learn, including what NOT TO DO... Some may put the intentional BBC in that category. I think it has benefits that can be used, but need more experimentation. ONE THING FOR SURE, is that a BBC can allow a tree to hit the ground with less force.. When do you see an ash tree hit the ground and stay propped up on the limbs like this one????
  3. dadio

    Bruno de Grunne

    That looks likes some nice engineering... Arborists are mostly de-engineers, or removal engineers... when we leave no trace its because we cut and haul the tree, grind the stump, and remove the grindings...
  4. dadio

    Balance point tie offs

    Dead ash tree... last week
  5. dadio

    Ballsy stunt fells

    I laugh at me too....
  6. dadio

    Ballsy stunt fells

    Some of those videos are new... course you gotta sort through the old ones to find them
  7. dadio

    Ballsy stunt fells

    The first tree was planned to have the hinge fail, so that it would end up in the yard, not in the fence or into the adjacent trees.. The second tree did fail to the side weight. It was not planned, ot desires obviously, bit also not unexpected.. had I to do it over again, I would have been more careful about the direction of pull with the skid steer loader. As it was, the second tree did hang up, but once it was over the creek, it was easy to get down. Turned out to be a good lesson in how far you can push the limits before failure to side weight.
  8. dadio

    Ballsy stunt fells

    Matter of perspective.... You could think of it like this... I AM just a whole lot better than you! You got one lame fall to show.. and pride yourself on fence repair expertise... You think you're good... you've never even seen good!
  9. dadio

    Ballsy stunt fells

    The gut asked for stunt fells and rigging... that's not not spam.... that's all worth watching..
  10. dadio

    Ballsy stunt fells

  11. dadio

    Ballsy stunt fells

  12. dadio

    Ballsy stunt fells

  13. dadio

    Ballsy stunt fells

  14. dadio

    Ballsy stunt fells

  15. dadio

    Ballsy stunt fells


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