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  1. Qualified climber needed Contact Tristan on 01525 211727 Or e-mail [email protected]
  2. Climber needed, experience a must. We have a huge load work on and we need to split out teams so we are looking to build a second. Obviously CS30-39 qualifications would be needed. Please get in touch, work is available and needed ASAP. We are based in Tilsworth, just off the A5 road, just north of dunstable Call 01525 211727 Or contact [email protected] Thanks
  3. I work as groundie/sub climber for a nice small business and need someone to fill in 2 weeks from Monday 5th to Friday 16th September as im after some time off. Climbing skills is not essential but would be appreciated, if you are good and competent then more work would be a cert. Cs30-31-38 are a must, 39 ideally. Based in and around Leighton Buzzard and work starts at 8, just off the A5. Personal message your details/costs or post it on this thread, all levels of skills would be considered as theres a massive variant in work coming up. Cheers in advance
  4. yeah i think the schwabisch and distal take up roughly the same amount, quite annoying to have 2 nice fresh pieces i cant use but hey, live and learn. burrell i dont suppose you mean youve tried the ocean poly on the imori then? or either way is it the 8mm armor prus you prefer as well? ive got a couple lengths of some kevlar thing i use now but its always good to have some backup
  5. Hi all, just bought myself a yale imori 12mm and thought i'd try out both 8mm and 10mm ocean polyester cords to see how they both work with it. i climb with a hitchclimber and a distal on top, but FOOLISHLY forgot that i bought my last friction cord from the last trade show in chicester and the nice lad at treeworker cut me off an extra foot above 2 metres. so the issue is i thought i could make a distal out of 1 metre and inevitably its turned out about 10cm too short. obviously it wouldnt be the end of the world to chuck out the two cords, but it got me thinking it wouldn't be a terrible idea to find a knot that would work well on top a hitchclimber that you can tie out of 1 metre to save hassle in future any knot pros with any ideas?
  6. haha, but that is my point. the argument that youre not supposed to use the 200 with one hand is made void by the fact theres no way youre ever going to cut everything with a silky. or drive with 2 hands and no texting around the knees and flicking through the ipod to find something good!
  7. isnt it in bs3998 or afag that its best practice for a chainsaw to be used only when a silky cut isnt viable? i finished college last year and have been climbing since, and spent the first few weeks furious that they hadn't even remotely let us experiment one handed when it is almost an absolute necessity in some tricky household reductions if you want to finish before midnight. they should no doubt in my mind be mentioning it in the cs39 trainings, even if its not actually in the exam, but as some people have already said, common sense is not an acquired thing. There will always be someone found cutting out their anchor point with their left hand, with the right hand ready to catch it, but i suppose how else to insurance companies survive.
  8. wow sounds right up my street haha. ive been offered the full time work but it just seems easier so that i can jump across to other firms i know in my town on days people dont have work for me. so it shouldnt be as bad as that. cheers for your help everyone, really cleared up that murky water. ned
  9. so another companies employee insurance will cover me? i just need it im doing private jobs i take it
  10. is personal injury stuff completely your own choice then?
  11. Hi all, ive recently been discussing with a few businesses I skip between around my area and it would be much easer to get payed if i became self employed. I only know self employed carpenters and assume the deal with equipment use and insurance is completely different. Could anyone explain to me which type of insurance i would have to be getting? and is there any legal holdbacks to whose machinery and equipment i can use? I think i have the general jist of recording expenditures and earnings and invoices and other stuff like that. thanks
  12. Being able to search by area would be a huge help on Arbjobs, but mainly i think the issue is old adverts with filled positions linger around until their expiry date which makes the new fresh ones hard to spot. And anytime i've applied for the filled positions most of the guys arent sure of how to take their advert down. Just a thought.


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