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  1. Is anyone looking for some surplus trees at the moment, if so please drop me a PM or call 07740865147.
  2. Has anyone got a Hakki Pilke log deck 422 for sale ?
  3. Has anyone got a Hakki Pilke 422 log deck for sale ?
  4. Ash firewood nets 50cm x 50cm for sale. 2380 available; 68 per pallet. Please call 07740865147 for further information
  5. 50 bulk bags/IBC crates of dry hardwood for sale as a whole. Based in Cumbria, PM for more info or text/call 07740865147. Looking for £85-90+ per bag/crate for this quantity. Regards Chris
  6. Cumbria (near Cockermouth) price depends on quantity, where are you ? give me a call on 07740865147 if interested.
  7. Hardwood firewood logs in 1.2cum crates, well seasoned and dried; approx 30 crates. Job Lot.
  8. looking for a supplier of kiln dried nets of firewood in 45 x 60 nets. softwood (orange nets) and hardwood (green nets). looking for approx 10,000 nets by September this year. based scotland and north england. drop me a line to this thread or pm me. thanks chris
  9. thanks - struggling to find suppliers - may be a gap in the market?
  10. does anyone know of wholesale UK charcoal producers/suppliers, preferably based in the north England/scotland? thanks chris
  11. Hi all I have a client who has a oak butt available for sale. it measures roughly 3 foot (top end) 2 foot (bottom end) approx 20 foot long so approx 120 cu ft is anyone interested in it ? if so drop me an email or text 07740865147 regards Chris
  12. hi i am looking for someone to carry out a report on a tree which has a TPO on it within the Lake District National Park which is currenntly, in our opinion dangerous and needs to come down . The planning woman has been out and stated that we can only carry out certain work to make the tree 'safe' or if we require to take it down fully we need to have a qualified arboricultural consultant take a look and submit a reprot. Does anyone know of someone who can help ? if so please give me a call on 07740865147 Chris
  13. as title states looking for prices of hardwood and softwood in round lengths (artic loads ) in the Perthshire area . please PM with prices and location and state if at roadside or delivered. regards chris
  14. hi all i supply nets of kindling. please see attached photo. nets are 60 x 45 cm @ 17% MC for £1.90/net . chris 07740865147
  15. hi all does anyone know what the garages pay for wholesale nets of logs and kindling (65 x 40 cm nets). just curious as the how much mark up the middle man gets (ie. CPL) and how much suppliers sell to them for? does anyone have any such contracts - just feel i could not make it add up !? thanks in advance folks !
  16. yea it is but like said abve if stove certified then no problem. most stoves are certified these days anyhow ! thanks chris
  17. hi i currently supply firewood in/around Edinburgh by the net bag only. I am allways getting enquires for cum bulk bags. is anyone interested in supplying? regards chris
  18. 7-8 tons of hardwood available. Must collect. Edinburgh. Please PM me with offers.Regards Chris
  19. Hi

    We offer 40 x 65 very full and dry kindling at £1.80/net collected. Can arrange for delivery at cost. Location - cumbria


  20. Hi Is anyone looking for firewood storage near Wem, Shropshire Potentially there is some decent buildings I know of Regards Chris
  21. i have had some logs nicked and i have the evidence on camera and more worryingly i know the culprits , one of which has been netting for the passed 9 months. i have only just found out that this has happend and wonder if it has been occuring all along what would you do ?
  22. looking for a firewood processor still - if anyone has one for sale or knows of any for sale please let me know. looking for a 12 inch min processor. regards chris
  23. thanks guys. i agree a database is not worth much especailly in this climate, however the business has approximately doubled each year for the last 5 years so hopefully keep this trend up ! there would not be much kit for sale alongside it in this instance as it would be kept for other duties. i think the answer to my own question is , probably not alot of value as of yet .....


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