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  1. Wondered who has the posch 410 multi processor and how much quicker it is than a s350 or s360 ?
  2. Been a keen shore angler for years but always hoped to have a sea fishing boat, put out a few pots, bit of wreck fishing etc. About to take the plunge and invest in a nice boat. How many of you fellow arbtalkers indulge in this hobby. Would be interesting to see your boats if you do and hear of your experiences.
  3. Muddy sites, road use, no crane.
  4. Looking to get some new forestry tyres for our valmet 665. Any details of suppliers appreciated:thumbup:
  5. Which is the best option for skidding on small scale thinning operations alpine tractor , quad bike or other and what spec should you be looking for ?
  6. Anyone use a tracked chipper for skidding on small thinning operations. Just wondered if it is a viable use for this bit of kit.
  7. melvyn

    Muddy Yard

    The persistent rain has caused a few issues with mud on our yard/land and im considering bringing in loads of hardcore to firm it up. Just wondered if its best to wait and level it off in the drier months or start dumping it now ?
  8. I was convinced the world was going to end,especially when a local tractor driver called Farmer Gedden told me so:thumbup:
  9. We refer to our responsibility and customers responsibiltiy on our stumpgrinding website. We refer to HSE guidelines and make it clear that failure to disclose information on location of services endangers our operatives and they themselves could be liable for personal injury.That way there is no need to sign anything,its there for all the world to see. Stump grinding specialists in North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, stumpgrinding and consultancy services, NPTC, LANTRA, CHAS and local trading standards approval, operating throughout the East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnsh
  10. Ok now check out Survival UK and uk-preppers.co.uk - Index page .
  11. Check this out http://www.emergencyfoodstorage.co.uk
  12. It is a fact that supermarket shelves would be empty within 3 days if our network of roads came to a standstill. It is a fact that the sun is entering a period of increased solar activity increasing the chances of emp's. Floods and severe weather all show how vunerable we all are. What are you doing to safeguard your family should the SHTF, ?
  13. Now thats what I call landys earning their keep. Tell me I notice you have snorkels on both,do you think they have a use or just a bit gimmicky ?
  14. Interesting. What made me look at tune up/upgrade was just how sluggish it appeared when towing tracked chipper and full load,feared any hills. Had decat and egr removed , remarkable difference.Just need to remember what im towing as its hard to forget when cruising along.Still looking at intercooler etc though as I reckon a workhorse needs to perform at its best.
  15. Looking for a yard tractor just to run pto equipment.What models represent good value and reliable engines despite knackered bodywork ?


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