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  1. Excellent work Difflock. Makes me feel right at home. This is the kind of work in at in spare time. Not just as well kitted out though being without winch or crane. The weather has been great this month greatly increasing the tonnage. Bit of a change forecast from tonight. Im working a gradient currently in Co Antrim which adds to the fun when its wet.
  2. Cheers CJ. I will give the oregon ones a go.
  3. Looking for a couple of new chains for my 350. Its on its original Husqvarna 18" bar which requires .325 pitch with 72 drive links and a .50 or 1.3mm gauge. I have had a look around the usual online places this evening and stihl doesn't appear to supply a loop in this size. I can find husqvarna original and Oregon and then a few of the lesser brands Carlton Sarp archer etc. Is Oregon my best choice? Im felling and bucking mixed hardwoods mainly oak and beech. I dont want full chisel. What would you guys normally use on your 346xps etc.
  4. Buyer beware. Price does not include VAT.
  5. Why is that Chris. I have purchased a few woodlands through gumtree. Looks ok to me
  6. plantation trees for sale (for firewood or logs) | Belfast | Gumtree Here one for someone with a bit of spare time on their hands.
  7. I think McKeevers (Drenagh) are flat out at the minute with their own mill. As far as I know they have only two lorries drawing. I have a wee load on Gumtree this evening myself.
  8. Scottish woodland would be worth a try. Their office is in Cloughmills Co Antrim but they operate all over the north. I also see someone about the greater Belfast area advertising artic loads of softwood on the gumtree site. Shanes castle estate in Antrim may also have some at the minute.
  9. What sort of road speed do you get with the old county. 16mph? I need something thats reall good in the woods but with a bit of road speed too. Im drawing timber about 18 miles with an 885xl and it takes 1 1/2 hours each way.
  10. A neighbour of mine who lived in America for a few years has now returned a few months ago. He brought home with him an almost new Echo cs-440. Unknow to me he ordered a new genuine bar and chain from whoever he bought the saw of in the states. It arrived in the post and he mounted it up and proceeded to cut some timber. Occasionally the chain would get so hot that smoke came from it and it would "seize up" says he. I had a look at and very quickly noticed that the chain was not fitting the sprocket and was very lumpy to turn by hand. Problem .325 sprocket and a 3/8 bar and chain combo. He has all ready spent £50 odd on the bar and chain which is now not in great condition with some wear in the guide rail. I believe it to be an A041 oregon type mount. Could anyone advise where I could get a cheap bar and chain to suit? Cheapest I can find is about £40. Or should I fit a new chain in 3/8 and change the sprocket to suit if I can find one in the UK? He will be cutting about 2 bulk bags of wood a year!
  11. I wouldnt go as far as 20" it will be 15-18"max.
  12. No I got it out handy enough using the loader. But its a nuisance when it happens regularly. I cant afford to get stuck as its miles from anywhere and thats my transport home!
  13. Ground still a bit wet round here. Hope it dries up soon or Im going to have to invest in something on tracks!
  14. I knew there would be a new 346 somewhere, cheers WYK. Just a point on bar length. does anyone else prefer a long bar for snedding. My 350 has an 18" bar and I seem to think it saves some stooping over. I once felled and snedded 46 smallish spruce in a day with a 15" bar and my back was broke by the end of the day. By the end I would have wished for a 20" bar to save having to bend my back at all, even if the saw had of been heavier.


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