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  1. Im looking for someone who hires out their chipper covering Hackney in East London, message me if interested. Thanks
  2. There are a couple of vacancies for part-time Arboriculture Practical Instructors/Resource Technicians at Capel Manor College. A good opportunity for anyone wanting to expand their career options beyond on the tools arb work. Details here: Practical Instructor and Resource Technician (Arboriculture) Job in London, London UK
  3. A friend and colleague of mine has developed a tent which can be suspended from anchor points in trees it's called Tentsile and has applications in leisure, exploration, forestry, and humanitarian releif. He's trying to raise funds to bulk order units to sell at an affordable price. If any one's interested you can see his crowd funding site here. It's an exciting concept and from working with him on some pretty amazing treehouse projects he knows his stuff.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, I've made an offer on 4 1/2 acres of chestnut coppice in Kent, its gonna work out at about 7,500 an acre which seems to be the going rate for small acreage in the south-east. Hoping to make some changes which'll enhance the amenity value and when europe goes into global financial meltdown land will be the only thing worth anything so best to get some I reckon.
  5. I am currently looking for a small woodland to buy in the south east of England where I intend to establish a forest garden and produce coppice products as well as manage for biodiversity. I'm not expecting it to be commercially viable, I just want to persue my interests while owning a peice of land which (hopefully) be a good long term investment. Any small woodland owners out there have any advice on buying/managing e.g. things to look out for and check/unexpected costs etc. any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  6. Thanks guys, makes sense.
  7. I'm trying to identfy this problem on a young Cedrus deodara, dieback and browning of the tips distributed around the tree, looks like a fungus to me as there are some faint white powdery patches. Anyone have any clue???


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