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  1. Tis was my grounding in the subject Woodland Management A Practical Guide - Second Edition 9781847976178 | Brand New WWW.EBAY.CO.UK <br />Woodland Management A Practical Guide - Second Edition by Chris Starr 9781847976178 (Hardback, 2013) <br...
  2. If no-one goes there then there's no risk and no reason to remove the limb. The tree will already have compartmentalised he damage and decay at an appropriate point. Cutting off a branch will only open up decay again. You'll not stop the spread of any disease by removing the limb. I'd say leave it.
  3. Lichen. Common, and a good sign.
  4. The smoking ban was fair enough, in an enclosed space one or more smokers exhale smoke and one or more non-smokers can't avoid inhaling it. The analogy to enclosed spaces, for wet wood burning, would be densely populated areas where there's no dilution and no avoiding the smoke, and where there's many affected. But the analogy breaks down. For smokers, the analogy would be to ban the sale of non low tar cigarettes to people who might be going to the pub. Unless you buy them in cartons of 200.
  5. This one is interesting in that, although it is a photograph (which is almost 8' x 4') the name is arty. I don't get it, but it's a nice photo. Its called "False Perspectives 2019 ‘Now there, I make a comma…’ " and it's by by Kate Whiteford.
  6. I am full of admiration for any artist that can create a likeness or even an impression of a tree. I have been finding it hard to find figurative tree art, I suspect my next few postings will just be paintings of trees. I was at a gallery last week and have quite a few to add.
  7. That's really nice. I'd take that instead of cash. The cash would have been spent long ago but art just keeps giving.
  8. I really rather like that, it seems the stuff of childhood dreams. I've even been inside a grossly overgrown double row hedge recently that felt like that.
  9. I remeber it fondly. Manys a studenty party I went to, Deaan poster on the wall, teacloth on the lamp for soft lighting, whiff of josticks, Tangerine Dram on the hifi, no end of deep and meaningless discussion.
  10. This one is a copper etching by Ian Westacott called Brahan Elm. The detail is exquisite.
  11. I haven't added to this thread for a while. Here's rather unspectacular painting by James Castle called Under the Tree. I have no idea what it's saying
  12. Good point, and well done for dragging the inof out of the Council. If there's no SCZs, there would be an initial preference for introducing them before considering banning the sale of pollutiong fuels. And surely a ban should be based on population density or measured existing pollution? The government currently does exactly nothing to police the suitability of wood burning stoves in SCZs. A list is published every now and again of makes and models that comply with the higher standard for stoves in SCZs. If you waited for it to be updated you'd never buy a stove; models have been known to go out of production before they make it onto the scottish list. Instead pretty much anyone who cares just buys a DEFRA approved stove (english standards), which mostly eventually make it on to the scottish list. Again, requiring compliance with stove spec is something that could be done long before banning wood. There's also the possibility of phasing out non-compliant stoves even in non SCZs. It'll be interesting to see how th english regs are to work. Will it be illegal to give away wood? WiIl it be illegal to possess it? To transport it? To burn it? Are they going to pull the burning log out of the fire and check its humidity as evidence?
  13. A guy called Peter Sterken produced a spreadsheet calculator a few years ago that I think probably does the same as treecalc, it almost certainly relies on the same formulae. I'll dig it out when I get to the office.
  14. No, I can't. It is probably an immensely complicated calculation. But basically the tree is pulled a bit, and the lifting of rootplate and the bending of the stem are extrapolated by calculation to th amounts that would occur if the applied load was the same as the loads ina 1 in 50 wind event. These must be compared with critical values for tree failure. If the strenght critical values are 1.5 times the calculated deflections, there's a 1.5 safety factor.
  15. Well, separate to what was said in the presentation, it is entirely possible that climate change might justify recalibration of what would be considered a 1 in 50 year wind event. And I think it is only a matter of time before a court case challenges what is an acceptable threshold for duty of care and freseeability of failures. By rights there should be a review of wind loading for building design (BS6339-2:1997). If there was, the static loading assumptions would have to be adjusted. Or to put it another way, trees that SLT results say are sound should be failing these days. Attached meantime is my version of the wind speed map from BS 6339, I have converted the speeds from m/s to m.p.h. Paul Muir is based in Bristol (45mph) but Dundee is 52mph which is 15% higher. And speds need to be adjusted (for building design) for terrain, orientation, season and altitude, so there's nowhere near a one-size-fits-all speed. mph.pdf


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