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  1. What sized engined machines are folk using? there 18hp or the 23hp? The lighter weight of the smaller machine is very appealing but obviously it is at a cost to power. Any known distributers in Scandinavia?
  2. Dilz

    346 xp fuel caps

    do the caps from the 550 xp fit the old 346? Thinking of changing them as one has got pretty chewed up so its a right PINTA to open.
  3. Sweden. Been out here since 2009...it's alright...village really needs a proper you can bring your dog type pub though
  4. 2" thick this lot. Any thicker at this length and I'd struggle (more) to shift them by hand myself. No idea the value of these green but seen other folk sell similar fresh cut stuff for around 700-1000kr per board to hobby joiners ...so 50-80 quid. Seems about right.
  5. Yeah they were nice straight trees in good lengths. When we felled the trees I was all set for having them transported to my place until the client came out and said he wanted to keep them and have them planked but he didn't know anyone who could do it..so we had a chat ..was a bit gutted I wouldn't get to keep the lot myself
  6. today's job...felled these oaks a few months back... client told me not to waste time stacking / stickering and clearing up....so i didn't. Ended up using the small log mill with 20" lo pro on the 661 for most of it. nice light and rapid.
  7. tis the dream...need a decent loader for shifting the logs and boards about though I reckon.
  8. yeah...I thought I'd have a go at milling to ease my self out of climbing as I get older... it's not to worst idea...well clearly it is the worst idea if I'm going to be using an Alaskan mill.... think I'll start saving for a skylift instead 😜
  9. yp - hes building a bench around his outdoor firepit and the planning some work tops for his kitchen. The job has been planned since march and hes sent tonne of emails and calls about how to sort things out and project ideas. He was a bit supprised / overwhelmed by how much work is involved with milling, storing, drying, moving the wood then all the work that is then required to make a final product to use indoors but has been really excited from day one about the project as a whole.
  10. a couple of pics from yesterday's job from my first paying client and the biggest log I've milled so far. First time really using lo pro chain and I liked it. Milled the short stuff in 3" and the longer at 1" 3/4....a faff to move them around his garden for the final stack but the old boy was loving it.. though my back wasnt...
  11. Dilz

    squealing tipper

    a greased nipple is a happy nipple
  12. Dilz

    squealing tipper

    Trailer was bought new in December. Stored in a garage and not used everyday. Shouldn't be due for a hydraulic oil change for a while yet.
  13. Dilz


    is aspen and poplar worth milling? got a fair few fells comming up with reasonable stems.
  14. sounds decent, will have to give them a call.
  15. Is that just a standard diamond wheel? not the one with fancy groove in that's meant for yellow jacket teeth? I guess it is easy enough to just work the tooth to get the edge back.


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