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  1. We have a few days work in bath, and are looking for a one off tip site to save us carting it all the way back home every day, there will be a few loads, can any one suggest any where that isn't a miles off the centre?? any help will be much appreciated
  2. Good morning all I have a bit of a problem, within my generic risk assessment it covers overhead utilities and underground utilities, but can't find any thing about the utilities that lay on the ground, nothing on the HSE website, about services that just lay on the ground level, i am very aware they shouldn't really be there (I'm dealing with gas and telephone cables) but they are and need to make amendments to my risk assessments for this situation, any advice or help is welcome many thanks all
  3. I would do the training cause the whole calibration can be hard to get your head round and you get the practice in, also you get a good knowledge with the training also if your doing pa6 I would ask for the pa6aw it's a few extra questions but means that you can spray by water and it's no extra cost, best of luck
  4. It is a legal requirement for all employers to have employer liability insurance
  5. Sorry to hear that, it's not only the money side it's the sheer lack of knowledge of tree work as well (cowboys claiming to know what there on about or people who don't have the right skills to be running a company and then putting added pressure on the one person that does) its coming more apparent to me so just thought I send out a nudge and thought on it
  6. Your not going to work threw choice if you know there going to do it are you, but you never know really it also works both ways, employer and employee,
  7. Exactly, just don't always take things at face value
  8. It's is for me but anyone can advertise on the yellow pages, and we always advise people to call thew there to find work, it is a 1 in a million chance that it happens but worth checking who you are going to be working for
  9. Not as a person but what tickets they have experience in the tree world
  10. I'm not saying everyone is just saying do some research
  11. Well not paying, not being properley insured not saying who they are
  12. I'm finding there to be more crooked tree surgeons out there, for new and some old do your reasearch on who you work for, just thought I'd put a reminder out there, as I've been bitten more than once now
  13. Why don't that surprise me was that while you spent half a hour deciding what engine bit is what


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