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  1. Hi I have a TW190 TDHB for sale with 807hrs on clock, owned since new. £8500 plus VAT if that's of interest? My no is 07712 305385, based near Colchester Essex Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  2. Thanks Shep, sh+t happens mate. I am looking to sell all the gear as a complete set up for £24,000 including VAT. The yard is getting closed down as the landlord doesn't want another tree firm in. Regards Steve
  3. Hi, I am reluctantly having to get rid of my business due to arthritis. I have everything you could need to run a three man team. The truck is a 7.5 tonner on an operators licence and chipper a good TW190. I was also An Arb Approved contractor till recently so everything is in order. I also have all the necessary stuff on the computer that will help you along the way. There is also a fully set up yard which the landlord would happily lease on to anyone wanting to set up in my area. Website too with a steady stream of enquiries. Before anyone asks why I am not paying someone to carry it on, I am looking for a complete clear break to pursue a quiet career in gunsmithing! Willing to deliver everything anywhere in the UK. Price to be negotiated. Kind regards Steve Hawkes Tree Services Tel 07712 305385
  4. I am looking for a Groundy on a sub contractor basis. Ideally you will have at least 5 years experience of commercial tree work and rigging operations. CS30 and 31 as a minimum. A clean driving licence would be a bonus. I have work waiting for the right person. Please e-mail your CV to: [email protected] Many thanks Steve
  5. between 6pm and 6am presumably during the night. A van containing our special friends was seen and reported sniffing round on the Friday. It was a very well planned job, they came across a field in a large 4x4, opened my very secure shed door using what looks like a Fire Brigade jaws of life or something similar, cut open the side of the steel tool locker on the truck and emptied it. The police haven't mentioned if anyone else was done in the area. Steve
  6. Just wanted to let everyone know we were burgled at our premises last night, it was a very well planned raid and they got just about everything useful, chippers survived. We lost an MS660,MS261, 200T and all out rigging gear and climbers kit. All machines are engraved "Hawkes Trees" and CO9 4HP. They are also smart watered. Seems rife around us at the minute with a lot of farms getting done too Steve
  7. We have a 2003 model with over 2000hrs on it, still going strong but regularly serviced, we originally paid £4500 for it 5 years ago
  8. Unbelievable, whilst working this afternoon at a large farmhouse next to a country lane, some worthless piece of sh!t decided to sneak in the garden climb into our truck and steal an MS201T with lanyard and crab. The blokes were working at the rear of the vehicle chipping but had stupidly left the tool locker door open. They were less than 5m away in broad daylight. The saw is registered on the Police database and painted with Smart water for what its worth. Watch your kit boys, another profitless day for us! Regards Steve
  9. Hi, I am Ex forces as are some of my blokes. I am also involved with a charity which helps modern day veterans who are often battle scarred to find a job in civilian life. I currently have one such veteran Mark, who saw heavy action in the recent Iraq campaign, doing some work experience with us. He is very polite, punctual and holds his CS 30 and 31 tickets. He has been with us for a few days and is a very hard worker. He is 29 and holds a driving licence. I would love to offer him a job with us but he is located in Romford in Essex and the commute would cost him a fortune. If anyone is looking for a reliable groundy in the Romford area who will work his socks off for a reasonable wage please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] thanks in advance Steve
  10. Thanks very much, I thought it might be because of the time of year, will pick some tomorrow and fry them up! Regards Steve
  11. Hi, I found this on a horse chestnut today that died last autumn. I think it may be flammulina velutipes but am no expert. It has appeared within the last two months. Could anyone please confirm my best guess or identify this fungus please? it appears in these small clusters right up the stem. Many thanks Steve Funghi 28 Jan 14.pdf
  12. Thanks for the advice, I did speak to VOSA but as usual they explained in fluent "egghead" the worked examples make it simple to understand. Waste carriage is no issue as we have the usual carriage licence for all the gold bars we keep finding! Regards Steve
  13. We run a 7.5 tonne truck under an operators licence and UK domestic rules (No tacho within 30 miles radius of operating centre) Does anyone know if my drivers will be required to carry out the 35hrs Driver CPC training prior to next year please? Kind regards Steve
  14. We still have a couple of places available for tomorrow's course. If anyone is interested please feel free to call me on 07798 792619. Price is £65 including VAT Steve


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