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    Allotment care (produce gardening), Poker (texas hold'em)
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    Foreman, Lead climber, Le Maistre Tree SurgeonsLtd, Jersey.
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  1. ClimbingNev

    I'm hoooooooome brothers!!!!... (with a genuine tear!!)

    Sorry, I wondered if it was banter but wrongly decided you were taking the piss, was a little touchy, I apologise ha ha. Thanks for the reply mate.
  2. ClimbingNev

    I'm hoooooooome brothers!!!!... (with a genuine tear!!)

    Thanks to you all for the flurry of replies, it feels good to be back amongst my peers and to know somebody, somewhere is taking an interest in what I have to say and can take the time out to write a reply. Thanks.
  3. ClimbingNev

    I'm hoooooooome brothers!!!!... (with a genuine tear!!)

    Means a lot skyhuck mate, thanks
  4. ClimbingNev

    me dealing with depression

    Yeah Difflock lol. Ha ha that's so true mate. I've made a few people miserable alongside me over the years I'm sure pmsl. Thanks for the reply bud.
  5. ClimbingNev

    I'm hoooooooome brothers!!!!... (with a genuine tear!!)

    Hi mate, thanks for the reply. I went through a bad patch bud. I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder a few years ago and...well...I lost everything around that time. I split with my partner of 12 years, she took my 10 year old daughter with her n moved 70 miles away. My sweet fledgling business; EXPERT TREE CARE Ltd was wound down, my business partner developed bowl cancer n had to pull out, I couldn't raise funds to keep it going and in all honesty I was ill and not in control. I was struggling to accept the diagnosis and as a result of cycling acceptance and denial only took my meds sporadically which actually compounded the problem and triggered huge manic n depressive episodes. My previous employer took me back on straight away as a Foreman but eventually, as I slid deeper into my illness, I gave my employer such a headache for such a long time that in the end it was only due to my skill at my job that I managed to hang on to my job. Eventually my foreman position was given to another lad, I missed out on opportunity after opportunity that was always intended for me...and that made me worse. In the end I saw a job on arbjobs in Jersey n decided to just fly far away and rediscover myself, leave everything I knew behind and start from scratch. Best move I ever made. I am well, healthy and sorting myself out. I posted a comment on predators post on depression in general chat. Check it out. Should give you insight into what's been going on with me in recent years. Anyway, how are you? N thanks for the reply. Cheers mate, Chris.
  6. ClimbingNev

    I'm hoooooooome brothers!!!!... (with a genuine tear!!)

    That's more like it Cheers skyhuck! Loving the forums. Have missed this place. Can't believe how big the site and member base is now. It's great!
  7. ClimbingNev

    I'm hoooooooome brothers!!!!... (with a genuine tear!!)

    What's with the piss taking? Thought we were a community of friends and colleagues? Cheers lads.
  8. ClimbingNev

    me dealing with depression

    This post is really poignant to me. I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder three years ago. I am now taking mood stabilising medication (valproic acid) and an anti psychotic (Olanzapene, topically, not at work but at tea time when I get in as it is too sedative for the daytime) everyday and this will continue for the rest of my life. I have never had a problem telling people about this but that's me, I wear my heart on my sleeve. The one thing I will say is that in the past when the manic episodes of my past have subsided and the depression sets in it is a horrible, dark, empty, hopeless experience and the worst part is that you do not have a clue about how to deal with it. Everything seems futile and you despise yourself, want to lock out the world and hide away. I have not moved out of bed for 8 days straight without sleeping, eating or washing before. Butterflies in your stomach, heart racing at the slightest sound, phone switched off, not at work and just gone off radar not able to even phone in and explain. It's a horrible, horrible experience that attacks you in such a debilitating way and incapacitates you with an all consuming mindset of hopelessness and impending doom.My Bi-Polar dissorder mixed with a bad break up caused me to jump in the river ouse at night in York whilst it was in full flood last year, the story is still pinned on the York evening press website now, that's how ridiculous depression can make the mindset. Your whole psyche is completely messed up. I won't go into detail or talk about the aftermath of what I did because it is a painful thing to recall and I'm very embarrased. I was lucky. I maybe shouldnt talk so openly about this stuff but hey, if it helps someone to speak up n confide in someone so they have a clue or helps someone to understand a bit more then it's worth feeling a bit uncomfortable I think. It is so, so important for people to be aware of the signs and the symptoms and to simply be aware that depression is a potential killer! You can help just by knowing the signs and being there for your friend! I applaud this post, it was the last thing I expected to see discussed on our forum but I'm glad has been. Robin Williams was a genius, childhood hero: Mork n Mindy (Nanoo lol), Mrs Doubtfire, Jumanji....the list is massive....RIP Robin. Speak soon friends n colleagues.
  9. ClimbingNev

    Oh no! Not another zigzag :(

    I read the release posted by PETZL. It described 2 in 1000 cases so your quite select Steve pmsl. The thing is my mate Mark uses a ZigZag n u know what? It's awesome....I almost want to give up my old fart Blakes for one. Now don't start posting messages about the benefits of vt's n SRT....I already know, it's just commercially I need to get up there n get it done yeah n my blakes n a bit of shoulder has not let me down yet...OLDSCHOOL! I will however say this. I tried a lockjack...yeh it was cool, not for me though...many knots n systems n devices I've tried but not one have I employed....until the Zigzag...I love It! There I said it now! Funny thing is the crack always appears in th exact same place! Marks was identical! PETZL say it's non life threatening n I believe them. There's a ten year guarantee on them now I believe? Lovely to climb on! If you ain't tried it...do!
  10. Ha haaaaah! Hello my learned colleagues! After a long gap I have returned....the prodigal son lmfao! Steve B thanks mate.....was good to get your mail n get through the gates back toy home!!! I've missed this place....anyway...I'm off to discuss fungi n SRT n stuff. Good to be on familiar turf anyway lads. Peace ✌
  11. ClimbingNev

    My New Business!

    Sorry, been busy. It is James at Acaster Forge in York. 01904 701513 or 07590779111 or 07710072358. He is really good with any fabrication. Next week he is securing a shipping container and fabricating some custom van vaults for us. Very good with the pricing too! Can't recommend him enough!
  12. ClimbingNev

    My New Business!

    Cheers Jim lol. See you there hopefully.
  13. ClimbingNev

    My New Business!

    We have van vaults. I couldn't afford the license for a 6.5 or the crap that goes with the operating licenses. I have a combo van as well for support. When I get bigger I will be investing in bigger kit and wagon etc. Just have to see how it goes for now. Was surprisingly cheap to get the custom tipper made. Local guy did it called James at Acaster Forge in York. He shot blasted and painted the chassis and wheels then fabricated the tipper back and had it sprayed white for £1500! Grapphics cost me £400 for van and chipper. I don't think it was bad at all and it will do nicely for my first set up I think.
  14. ClimbingNev

    My New Business!

    Cheers, I should point out that although my post average is low I have been a member since 2008. The welcome to arbtalk happened a few years ago. Anyway if you desire pointy ish shoes then go for it. I did and look at me now! Pointy ish and loving it, I aint never looked back dude!
  15. ClimbingNev

    Is solo climbing ever acceptable?

    Nah sorry. I have worked where the risk assessment and all types of beurocrasy was rife. In the utilities industry! Leyburn lad will back me up when I say yeh it seemed like a load of bollocks, BUT if you took on board what was been said AND actually put it into practice there would be no accidents ever again. I fully believe that every accident is preventable. How that pans out in day to day, dog eat dog, real life is different. But hand on heart, every accident I have seen and or experienced has been a result of an unsafe act of some description and as for the red tape? You gotta be qualified....what's wrong with that? If it where that easy to be qualified everyone would do it and the very qualification would be worthless. Risk assessment, within reason and being sensible now, what's not to get on board with? Taking a couple minutes out to brainstorm what could go wrong and formulating a plan not to get hurt ?? Checking your life saving equipment and potentially dangerouse machines to ensure you have not overlooked something serious but simple that could keep a son or daughter with a dad? I agree that it is tedious but would I seriously argue against it? No! just honestly think this, hope you get me on some level.


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