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  1. Anyone got a Unimog with front chipper for sale?
  2. I worked there a lot and still work there regulary. Its not easy as a sub contractor due a lot of bureaucarcy. Its a nightmare. Not worth to get into trouble. That you dont need a visa is just half-right. Better to get employed. Its easyer and more safe when you look at the fees you have to pay if you miss some paperwork. iam german so i understand there language. Still hard to communicate with the offices. Work is nice - different then in the uk. Quality of work is nice. Climbing standard is high. Paymant is all right. Food is nice. Costs of living are a nightmare. Give me a private msg if you need a nice company. I know a few around there. cheers! Otherwise if you are interested to work in germany (southern germany near munich area ) you are very welcome. nearly same stuff as in switzerland but cost of living way cheaper.
  3. How about Germany? We are based near munich and searching for people.
  4. UPDATE 2: What we are searching? Arborists climbers or platform operators ( employed or freelance) Arborists Groundsman ( employed or freelance) When we are searching? Our main season is from know till end of february 2019. So when ever you can come in this time feel free to give me a msg. A week trail is all right but from the organisation point it would be good when you can stay a month or two. What we expect a clean appear a friendly open minded person willing to learn / improve arborists who can work in a team arborists who can see the difference between deadwood and branches that are still alive all relevant tickets when you come as a freelance climber a good self-assensment safe working practice "sorted" arborists What we provide? a accomodation in a holiday appartment with a single bed room. a company car to travel to the yard when you come by plane What are the rates day/hour? It really depends on how good you are. not less then back home. we like to do a week trail and after that we can tell. Certifications saying nothing about your experience level or how good you prune/climb. Good climbers earn more and novice climbers less and getting the chance to learn / improve. If you expect that you are earning shit loads of money and playing around all day long with for example the throwline or acent and dont finish a deadwood tree you are wrong at our place. So please be honest to yourself and tell us before you come over a bit about you and your experience. What about our company? At the moment we are a seven man crew with We are based on the west side of munich in bavaria working mainly in the west side and sometimes a bit more far away on the east side of munich We are doning mainly govermant / commercial work like streets, parks, gravejards. less private gardens. How long do you work day/week? you can choose between 4 or 5 days a week. in the time between 6.30 / 7.00 am and 5.00 pm mainly we work Monday - Thursday / Friday sometimes Saturday when needed (parking areas) What equipment should you bring? Minimum of rigging equipment you have to bring (when traveling by car and if you have. Otherwise we provide for you): Lowering device Rigging rope 60m Pulling rope slings and carabiniers Rigging pully and sling for attaching on the tree Minimum of chainsaws / chainsaw equipment (when traveling by car and if you have. Otherwise we provide for you? "Tophandle" Chainsaw One saw of a size like the MS 460 of Stihl Minimum of climbing equipment you have to bring ( MUST HAVE!): Harness Climbing Rope minimum 45m Access Rope 60m a Sling (120cm) Lenyard and Steel Lenyard Figure of eight or other decending device Cambiumsaver A set of throwlines (lines, cubes, bags)(2x) Spikes Single rope access equipment when you dont footlock up the trees Handsaw (sharp) (when traveling by car and if you have. Otherwise we provide for you? Polesaw Last but not least A little CV is helpfull and gives us a short picture of you. Mails or Msg`s with just: "how are the rats" doesnt make any sense. Ask your questions but let us know what you expect / searching for aswell. Thanks and climb safe - Wolf
  5. UPDATE: I sorted out a accomodation. the the place to sleep is organised an provided. company car to travel from yard to accomodation aswell. Its availbe from 6th of october up to 5 people. pm, mail or whatsapp me if you are interested
  6. Hey Arb-dudes, there are still positions avaible (groundman / climbers / platfrorm arborists) for the upcomming high season from Oct 2018 - Feb 2019 write me an mail or a msg on whatsapp if you are interested. cheers
  7. Hey dudes, due a shoulder injury of an employee we have a position open: We are searching for a climbing arborist EMPLOYEE or a mewp arborist EMPLOYEE. Trainees or young lads from the collage are welcome aswell. We help out to find some accomodation and the rest of all the paperwork stuff. So if you are interested to work in germany as an employee you are welcome. We are NOT searching for freelance arborists at the moment. For more Details about the position or our company send me a WhatsApp to 0049 ( 0) 173 45 77 900 or an email to wk(at)pertl-kutz.de cheers
  8. You are not allowed working one year self employed for the same company. You will need different companys to invoice. When you want to stay anyway in the same company for a year go employed i would say.
  9. Hey dudes, we got enough people at the moment for the upcomming jobs. I let you know when we are searching again. Thanks for all you masseges. cheers
  10. pm sent Hey Withe Noise, the main reason is that the most english staff is staying just the 3 month that thay can stay leagaly in one year within a seasonal working contract(employed without getting residential) to get some exp. aboard. Just few get residential in germany and stay for longer. We cant have full time self employed people like some in the uk. Also we got quite a lot of work and when iam searching i just take as much as we need. Then stop getting new people in and ask again when we need more staff or some running out of the seasonal contracts. Other arborists they work for us cant even stay for the 3 moth for different reasons. In the actuall situation two of our main crew are leaving the team. The first is going to university and the the second goes to switzerland and keeps on traveling in the arb world after one year full time employed and nearly two years for our company in total. You are welcome to work with us to take yourself a picture of the company. Let me know if you got more questions. cheers
  11. Hey Arbtalkers, we are searching again for the upcomming two month some climbers for work in southern germany. If you are interested two get some experience abroard write me a mail or a pm on arbtalk. cheers
  12. Want a job till Christmas in Germany?
  13. Hey Arbtalkers, iam seachring for bigger contracts groundsman, groundsteams with or without chipper/truck. Any size welcome. Time would be from mid october till Christmas. minimun a month. payed accomodation. Timbercrane trucks are welcome aswell. For more informations write a pm or a WhatsApp msg to 0049 173 45 77 900. cheers


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