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  1. I've made a little progress with the Trust. The person I had been in contact via email came round and we had a chat about the tree. The reserve manager was planning to come too but he got tied up with some escaped cows 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, the conversation was very much focused around Ash dieback disease. And how the trees are assessed. They grade the trees 1-4. 3 or 4 on a boundary would be enough for the trust to apply to remove the tree, but they usually leave 1 or 2. He said the tree didn't look too bad He explained how the TPO means that where the Trust could normally identify trees that they would manage within the reserves, they have had to commission an independent Level 4 Arboriculture Survey (as requested by the local authority) which then needs to be submitted for consent, and can only deliver what is put forward within the survey and subsequently permitted. They are commissioning another Level 4 Arb Survey this summer with a view to planning the next programme of work in the winter and will point out the tree to the surveyor and ask that it is included in the programme, and will extend the offer to look at the trees from my property. However, this would still be dependent on gaining consent to deliver the work from Newark & Sherwood District Council – He has already made contact with the Tree Officer so that they can have an early discussion about the approach and ensure they do not get held back with the work. We also had another branch come down in some recent winds. There was no damage but I think that is only down to luck. I also noticed that one of the branches that hangs at a low angle seems to have split and have a hole all the way through (Video). 20240511_195327.mp4
  2. I'm not sure if you have misunderstood, but I have no intention of felling the tree. I want them to do it. I reached out to the council today asking for their support. typically it looks like they charge for the service
  3. I contacted a local arborist I found on https://www.trees.org.uk/ARB-Approved-Contractor-Directory. They have told me they can quote for removing the tree but aren't qualified to produce a tree report. And I should contact Chris Barker at CBE Consulting if I would like one. I was expecting a tree report to be something pretty simple, such as 'In our opinion the tree is unsafe .. etc.'. Do I need a tree report?
  4. Thanks. The tree itself is easily twice the size of a two story house and the largest branch that has broken off (so far) is about 5 inches in diameter. The person at the trust that replied to my email did give me his name.
  5. Thank you. I will look for a local arborist and ask them to provide a quote for removal and write a report on the state/risk of the tree causing damage. Then I will write a letter as suggested. Would I also be wise to contact my home insurance company?
  6. Hi all, My property backs onto a conservation area in Nottinghamshire which is predominantly Ash. The land is managed my Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, who I've emailed a couple of times in an attempt to prompt them to cut back or remove the tree. They recently had an arborist fell a few trees in the conservation area but unfortunately not the one that overhangs my property. The tree in question has dropped a few of branches from the canopy over the last couple of years so I'm concerned that it may cause some damage if one hits a person or shed etc. After the recent work the trust have closed the footpath's that run through the conservation area, putting up signs that say it isn't safe due to the trees being badly affected by ash dieback. My thoughts are that if it isn't safe to walk under the trees, then it surely isn't safe to be in my garden under the same trees? A couple of weeks ago I emailed them a second time making this point but I haven't had a response. I has a quote for £950 from a local arborist to remove the overhanging tree. - This was before I was aware that the tree was under TPO and would need additional approval, risk assessment etc. from the trust. Ideally I want the trust to send their own arborist to remove the tree at no cost to me. But it feels like I'm talking to a brick wall. Does anyone have experience or thoughts on what I can do next? Maybe I can hire an Ash specialist to create a written report that I can present to the trust? 2nd image below shows the branches that have died and fallen 3rd image is along the fenceline with my property on the left, showing how much the tree is leaning over the boundary. Thanks!


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