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  1. Thanks would that be at local council?
  2. I really appreciate JSN and thanked them. However it was a long list of qualifications and I am still wanting to know anyone in my area. Sorry to have bothered you all. Thanks very much to Daltontrees Benedmonds - have sent you message and again JSN also Stevebullman Will go back to the search. Using your valuable advice as a guide.
  3. As mentioned have contacted Ben at Canopy. Also I am only asking for advice on qualifications to look for and where to find someone. Sorry to anyone if they think anything else. Really just want to get advice on what qualifications to look for and where to find someone.
  4. Could an administrator please let me know if my questions are not appropriate. Thanks.
  5. How is this a wind up? I am not a tree expert by any means. I have a tree I am concerned about. If i leave it and it falls then that is an issue. If i get an unqualified person to look at it they say its fine then it falls its an issue. I looked online and found varying tree services and qualifications. So I came here to ask what qualifications to look for and where to find an appropriately qualified person.
  6. Thanks JSN To everyone who may have noticed some irony. Yes appreciate I have contacted someone. However still want to know what qualifications to look for and other than the person contacted where can I find them.
  7. Thanks yes have replied to them. Would still very much appreciate finding out what qualifications I should be looking for and where to find someone.
  8. Thanks again. I appreciate people may want photographs explanation or other things. Unfortunately I am just asking here for the following advice. What qualifications should I be looking for given the following: There is a tree in a neighbouring garden which is over the size of a average 2 floor house. Looking at condition and recent events the tree looks to be a source of concern. Appreciate there are differing levels of service out at present. However I just want the tree to be assessed and know that it is not going to fall. That it is ok and not in any distress. Again just looking for advice only on what qualifications to look for and where I can find someone qualified who can carry out relevant tree survey.
  9. Thanks for replies so far. Just want to find someone who can do a report etc. I have a large tree which if it fell would cause depending on direction numerous issues. Condition leads me to believe there is concern. However I am no expert and so looking for help. I appreciate people will have thoughts on this one. If anyone can advise on where to seek a qualified person and what qualifications I would be looking for it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Yes at present unable to do that. Will discuss everything that is possible with person who I hopefully find to help. Still unable to find someone however in the area and if anyone has any ideas please let me know.
  11. Thanks location is Nottinghamshire
  12. Have a problem with a neighbouring tree. For reasons at present I am unable to discuss this with them at all. That does not mean I can just leave things as the tree is huge and I have a concern. I have looked and looked at online searches but it seems I am unable to find what I am looking for. I want a qualified expert opinion as to if a tree is safe as a number of things have happened. Along with a number of worrying signs around the tree base. I would want rather to get an expert opinion than show photos etc. The tree is huge and concern over the stability etc following works and the general condition. I only seem able to find tree surgeons who have qualifications but nothing extensive. Where do you go to find who would be considered an expert who could do a survey and know whether the tree is at risk or not? What qualification should I look for? I assume that a general tree surgeon may well have many years experience and excellent in their field. However would appreciate an expert report. Any help would be much appreciated.


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