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  1. None of our neighbours have got any trees so we don't have that problem 😃
  2. There are two poplars and one Tibetan cherry tree. If we do get rid of the poplars then it will be both of them, we definitely want to keep the cherry so using Ecoplugs should be okay from what you've said if we decide to do that.
  3. We haven't noticed the leaves of these two trees in our garden going pink since we moved in last summer. We've arranged for a couple of tree surgeons to come next week and will ask their advice but they are far too big for the garden the size they are at the moment and definitely look like they've grown quite a bit since last year.
  4. We are in the South West of Scotland in Dumfries. We've been looking online for tree surgeons and can't see that many and one of them looks like they don't cover our area. There's plenty of garden maintenenace/landscaping companies who say they fell trees but we're not keen to use them.
  5. You just end up with plastic pollution at the end, but if it's your own garden the pull them out after a few years when the stumps have started to rot. If you can pull them out after a few years that's good to know as we will definitely do that if that is the route we go down to get rid of the stumps.
  6. We had never heard of eco plugs so have been reading up about them. We did think it would be the cheaper option after seeing how much they cost.
  7. Thanks for your reply. Yes I think we will definitely have to fell the poplar trees. They are in a position where it won't matter if the stumps are left as we won't be planting any other trees or anything else in their place. I presume it is normally cheaper to Eco Plug rather than grind out the stumps? I agree the cherry tree is really beautiful, thank you for the advice about when it should be cut back and I'll look up silver leaf.
  8. Thanks for your reply. We've been reading up on poplar trees and were shocked to see how quickly they grow and how big! I don't know why the previous owners planted them in what isn't a big garden. It looks like they have never had them pruned so we are thinking that we will have to get rid of them. As another poster said the neighbours dogs have been okay so far and they've lived there for a number of years. We'll get a tree surgeon out to give advice about having the Tibetan cherry pruned.
  9. Thanks for your reply. We definitely want to keep the Tibetan cherry as long as long as it's not going to be harmful to our cat or the neighbour's dogs. We'll look for a local tree surgeon about the other two trees and speak to the neighbours to see how they feel about them.
  10. Yes it really is a beautiful tree and we definitely want to keep that one if we can but were just concerned when we read cherry trees are poisonous to cats and dogs. We will get advice from a tree surgeon as it is overhanging the neighbours garden quite a lot so hopefully they can rectify that.
  11. Thanks for your reply. We don't dislike trees at all but just thought they were getting out of control for the size of the garden and encroaching on the neighbours. We haven't spoken to them yet to see if they are annoying them so we will have to take that in to account if they are. So the two trees we couldn't identify are poplars? Thanks for that info we can look in to them more online.
  12. I would be obliged if we could get some advice about trees which were in our garden when we moved in last year. It was winter when we viewed the house and the trees were bare, we didn't notice how big they were until the leaves started appearing! We are in a bungalow and our next door neighbours are bungalows as well. They were built in 2003 and the previous owners of our property must have planted the trees, we don't know when exactly so they are all no more than 18 years old. We've identified one of the trees online as a Tibetan cherry because of the very distinctive and beautiful bark. It is planted right next to the boundary fence with our neighbours behind us and is overhanging in to their garden. We wondered whether it will get any bigger? I measured the circumference of the trunk at the bottom which is 58 inches, I'm not sure if that is relevant information. It's the smallest in height of the three trees but it has a very big crown and wondered what time of the year it should be cut back? Our garden isn't that big and we feel the trees are far too big for the size of it. We also just read online that Tibetan cherry trees are toxic to cats and dogs. We have got a cat and the neighbour whose garden it's overhanging has got two dogs who are outside a lot of the time so that is worrying us. It's a beautiful tree and we want to keep it but if it's going to harm our cat or the neighbour's dogs then we would need to get rid of it. The other two trees are the same variety but we can't identify them online. They are deciduous and have green leaves and variegated leaves. They are both about 25 to 30 feet high, they are next to the perimeter fence with our next door neighbour and are encroaching in to their garden. We would be obliged if anyone could identify them for us and let us know if they will grow any bigger. We will need to get tree surgeons out to look at them if we decide to get them cut back or remove some of them. We'd hate to chop down trees as the birds love them but they are really big and they are all quite close to the house. If we got them all cut back we wondered how quickly they would grow back again as we don't want the expense of tree surgeons every few years. If the Tibetan cherry is poisonous to our cat or the neighbour's dogs then we don't want to keep it. I've attached some photos, thanks for any info anyone can give us.


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