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  1. lesson learned. yes Chris, this my first chainsaw and also first time using chainsaw. ya gonna try to open clutch to remove any debris see if Any more damage inside occurred.
  2. just dismantle band brake, it broke into 2 pieces. anw, could you notice the higher flat surface that looks like burn or melt? is that ok i mean will new band brake still working? do you think i need to replace also the plastic covery body?
  3. ya i have it and i miss read this part "The engine must be switched to idle immediately". ya i will try to see first chain brake condition and identify which part is fail or broken. thanks to you all. stupid mistake. lesson learned.
  4. Ya well i bet someone will have hard time to read and understand my question. English is not my native language and i live in indonesia (south east asia). Oke. thanks for replying, 1) ya my caise it is not spinning when in idle position. 2) idk, but if the chain keep spinning with the chain brake ON with choke in throttle position but it stopped when i move choke to Idle position. do you think my chain brake or the clutch is damage? dont know Mendiplog things. the point is the chain keep spinning when choke is in throttle position, so i wrote above something might be the cause than chain brake failure. and idk if the chain brake is damage.
  5. Hi everyone, I would to ask, so i just bought new chainsaw STIHL model ms170. I started engine with master control lever in choke shutter closed position by pressing both safety throttle and throttler clip, then pull up the starter grip until blurp sound come out then i move the lever with my thumb to starting throttle position. From here i might made some mistake with both condition chain brake is ON. first i tried to release the chain brake while in starting throttle position but throttle sound increase so I pressed throttle and safety clip to let lever move to idle position then released the chain brake second, my brother tried to move manually the lever from throttle position to idle position without pressing both throttle and safety clip and at the same time i let chainsaw engine keep running while in throttle position at 1 minutes maybe then i press both throttle & safety clip to move lever to Idle position then turn off the machine. now chain keep spinning on lever is in throttle position and chain brake is ON. Is it normal for chain spinning when the brake is ON? and is it oke if start the engine with lever in idle position ofc after from choke shutter closed position? thanks.


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