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  1. Birchbark

    Fallen tree XXL

    Near Milton Keynes.
  2. Birchbark

    Fallen tree XXL

    I've had a 50-60 foot tree come down in Storm Eunice. I think it's a hemlock or spruce. It's enormous (imo) and not sure what to do with it. Is there any value in this wood and is it worth contacting a sawmill? It seems a shame for a tree of this size to be reduced to firewood and while I have the land to store it, not sure I have the tools to deal with something this big.
  3. What a geat photo! While I think we have the remnants of an old set, sadly I think the badgers are long gone. We have a public path at the bottom of the woodland and some irresponsible dog walkers who allow their dogs to breach the fence on a regular basis and tear after the deer and fox, which have probably disturbed any badger population. Haven't seen any further signs of a set other than the abandoned one unfortunately.
  4. I should be so lucky to have a badger set! Or would I ... 🤔
  5. Thanks Ben90. I'll look at the newer legislation too, but this is really helpful.
  6. Thanks Chris. The plan would certainly not be to wipe out any particular species, just thin the 3 thugs, holly, spruce and rhododendron, and prevent them from taking over. I'll look into getting a woodland management plan in place in the near future - one more job to add to the list that come with this property!
  7. Thanks for your responses, that's really helpful. One more question on this: is rhododendron considered a tree, and therefor protected under a woodland TPO, or a shrub, or an invasive species to be eradicated?
  8. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Went out yesterday and crushed some of the foliage and it has more of a parsely than pineapple smell, so definately sounds like lawsons.
  9. Thanks for your reponses. I've only noticed it in the last week or so, but it's a little out of the way so it could have started browning earlier without me noticing. We're in the Northampton area, so not the coldest of spots, but this has been an unusually cold start to spring. I'll keep my eye on it and get some professional help if it appears to be deteriorating further. Thanks again!
  10. Hi, I think these are Leylandii. Can anyone confirm?
  11. It is lovely thanks. No big plans for it, just want to enjoy the space and the wildlife that comes with it (although the verdict on the deer is still out after the vegetable patch got raided!). I would like to thin out the spruce and holly to encourage more of the deciduous trees as they appear to be getting crowded out by the aforementioned.
  12. I have newly acquired property with an old Woodland TPO (50yeas +) attached to it, that mentions specific species of trees. Unless I am misinterpreting the guidance on Woodland TPOs, W1's seems to include all species of whatever age, however I’m confused then as to why any mention of species would be made. Does that mean only those species mentioned on the TPO, of whatever age, are protected, and trees like Spruce and Holly (which are taking over imo) can be cut down? The exact wording is: “W.1. (Within a continuous black line on the map) Five stands of Scots Pine in a matrix of hardwoods comprising mainly of Oak and Sweet Chestnut, standing in the grounds of xxx. Groups of Trees None”
  13. Not the easiest to photgraph, but hopefully you can see the browning redwood sections in the background.
  14. I'm the new owner of a property with a few Redwood trees on it and I've noticed on 2 of the trees, on a number of branches the needles have turned brown. These Redwood trees are old and established. Could the dry weather we have had recently, be impacting them? Has anyone else noticed this around their areas, is this normal or should I be concerned? They are majestic trees and I would hate to lose them - any advice appreciated.


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