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  1. Thanks for the estimate Marc, every bit of information and opinion appreciated, really don't want to see these mature and healthy trees brought down because a four-foot wall allegedly needs some attention.
  2. And vastly less than their value as habitat, biodiversity and visual amenity. Thanks Lowestoft firewood and Squaredy, was stuggling to estimate m3 of trees that size vs felling cost but at least that's a balance of probabilities! Many thanks for all your advice and comments.
  3. People who want to fell trees, advised by those needing to earn a living I guess.
  4. I know what you're saying, but better than not there at all. Equally a slight visual distraction given the field built on was levelled up to almost the top of the wall, at least as likely a contributor to its' state as root damage. IMO again. As a matter of interest given 'valuable target' comment, roughly what would you say five sycamores like this worth? Asking because of 'firewood' in your title, thanks.
  5. Hi, thanks for further comments Steve and Khriss! No, privately owned, can't remember when pollarded so some time ago. I think 'high value targets' is likely right, as reason given in application was 'severely decayed and dying' and 'causing irreperable damage to wall', neither of which were ever an issue. So imo unnecessary and avoidable but profitable, not good reason to fell mature trees. Very pleased to have found arbtalk and your helpful advice and comments, thanks again.
  6. Thanks both for your quick responses! I was trying to ask the qusetion in a neutral way as I hoped for your objective responses. I'm against felling, these are the only border/soundbreak between where we live and the houses you can see, built really close to the wall. Couple of occupants have said they need felling, lack of light etc but that's how they were when they moved in? Visual and habitat loss of such mature and sizeable trees, apparently because wall needs rebuilt though it's always been wonky seems totally unjustified. Two pairs already felled, whips replanted been vandalised and crudely topped, replacements for these likely the same. Wouldn't object to repollarding as would retain at least best part of crown, I agree dying and over-mature just excuses imo. Any advice on affordable second opinion to support argument? Thank you both very much!
  7. Five tpo'd sycamores, probably max 170 years, felling application pending claiming 'over-mature' 'severely decayed and dying' but no splits, fruiting bodies, damaged bark I can see. Any opinions please? Thanks.


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