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  1. Should I have used loppers? I used secateurs.
  2. Cut the co-dominant stem off my ~3 year old tree and probably did something wrong (too long, too short, wrong angle etc) so just going to post pics of the cut here and ask you what I should do to correct it or if I should just leave it. Thank you again.
  3. Is that because the co-stem is too long to fully remove for now? So when the tree is estaished (1 year?), I should start pruning the lower branches up to half or just above half of the total length of the tree? The stem is pretty thin in diameter for now. Thanks
  4. Well this is what I hope will happen. But if it comes down to it, I would rather the bend be facing the field opposite us lol or at least as straight as we can get it to grow - I don't know how effective an anchor type placement would be over the natural system.
  5. I have a young Oak (~3yrs) currently with a co-dominant stem. Eventually I plan to cut one of the stems (highlighted in red) off and keep the other. I'm worried about the the stem I want to keep since it's bending, albeit much less than the other stem but I've heard that any bending like this can be dangerous in storms (at a later stage) if it continues to grow in that direction. The trunk is quite straight until it gets to the two stems which both bend in opposite directions. Do you think the stem I'm keeping will in time correct itself and become straight (it is quite flexible as of now) or will I have to use some sort of anchor attachment to straighten it artificially? Thanks. I've asked a similar question before regarding pruning but didn't give this question much consideration at the time.


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