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  1. Thank you nepia for your reply. Much appreciated. Yes, you are very correct with the poor planning. Many bad choice of trees were planted on this property prior to me buying. Looks like whoever just had a field day with seeds! Anyhow, Guess my main concern was that if I were to reduce the tree hard that I would do it all wrong and ruin them completely or create more of an issue later on. Hard to predict i'm guessing. They are beautiful trees and provide alot of really good protection and shade apart from many of other great benifiets. The panels are also important. So nepia, conclusion is "don't let fear hold you back" and I will be taking a good look at the best way I can reduce the trees too try and keep them looking half decent. Thank you again for your reply and advice.
  2. Thank you nepia. Are there any suggestions on what I can do please?
  3. Thank you all for your replies! I have uploaded a photo of them.
  4. Hi Everybody. I am very new to this forum technology so please bare with me! Also, very sorry if I am not in the right area or have missed something ?...! If so , please feel free to say so and I would appreciate being directed to the right forum. I have a question about my trees. Apart that I love them and they give great shade and just look beautiful (to me anyway), I have to trim them back as they are powering on so fast and also, unfortuantly, starting to shade the solar panels. They were here when I moved to this property. Allthough alot lower. I am really concerned and actually do not want to trim them but I know it has to done. I don't want to make a mess of them or kill them. Back to my ask, can anyone please take some time to explain and/or show me where to cut/trim my beautiful trees to reduce them to a lower height but so they also survive? I am thinking of sending photo's that maybe someone could mark on them what/where to cut?? Any and all help will be sincerely appreciated and I thank you so much for your time taken.


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