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  1. Is there a proper name for the Fluting that grows on elm please?
  2. That’s the one, thanks so much. BTW is the Raywood also susceptible to dieback?
  3. If anyone has some PDFs with simple Italian e.g. user guide, basic tree biology, tree ID etc. really appreciated to help with learning the correct words. P
  4. That is a great shout, thx. Get up close next week to confirm but think you are spot on.
  5. Hello friends, we were in education wood this morning and found what looked like pear drop shape crab apples BUT.. when we looked up we found these classic Rowan leaves. The bark is quite a dark brown (just make out in the picture) totally in contrast to some nearby European Rowans with gret bark. The other thing is that this is quite a tall tree, easily 15m. I am thinking Sorbus hupehensis. It is in the old grounds of a wealthy estate so quite likely imported. Thoughts please. I am going back next week so if any ideas what to look for specifically, much appreciated
  6. The Italian link has proven excellent, many thanks. Never thought about it Before but Olive Trees get discussed a lot and they are an environmentally aware bunch
  7. Thanks all, couple of good leads here. BTW adding O is fine for masculine words but I never know the difference, and waving my arms around with a chainsaw rarely ends well 😇
  8. Thanks Steve, in the first instance hedge and hedgerow, coppice, coppicing, pollard, pollarding, native (tree), you can probably tell what we are discussing, but my teacher is a city girl and doesn't know the words in Italian even if I manage to describe it well
  9. Hope you are keeping safe and well. I am learning Italian and struggling to find a dictionary to help with conservation terms - simple things like hedgerow etc. On line translators are vague. Any help really appreciated Paul


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