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  1. I have a significant amount of freshly felled Sheoaks to ring........destined for splitting for firewood. Using a Stihl 038 with 22" bar and a general purpose chain, I seem to be building up resin-like deposits on the chain links.......is that an issue long-term for the chain and is there a way to avoid this? In total there's 75 trees, each around 25-30 metres high. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks Mick - not the splines, they look to be all good. Catching to Jase, I think it's the stress control box. I'm sourcing a supply of fresh hydraulic oil (a tad tricky whilst we are in lock down!!). Once this is changed, I can follow Jase's instructions for bypassing the stress system and see if that's the issue. It will be a process of elimination, as usual. Many thanks for everyone's assistance
  3. Thanks Jcarbor.........do mean the splines on the feed rollers??
  4. Thanks Monkey Business.......reaching full throttle comfortably. I will see what Jase comes through with. I don't know the service history so have gone over it with a grease gun and checked oil levels. There does appear to be some discoloured oil in the hydraulic tank and I'm wondering if someone has topped it up with the wrong oil (my research says ISO 32) so the incorrect oil could mean it's not holding/reaching pressure??. Reverse seems to work ok but clearly less oil pressure required. Might just bite the bullet and replace anyway. As to the hydraulic filter, thought I'd remove, wash with a detergent to remove oil and any debris/particles and thoroughly dry before replacing once oil has been changed. Due to the brave new world of coronavirus, I find myself in the bizarre situation of locked down with a mountain of material to chip and at least a month to get stuck into it.............and a chipper that won't run ☹️ Best Wishes and stay safe.
  5. OK.......just found a plate buried under the engine that says Greenmech EC15-23MT. Serial #10242. Anyone have any experience with this model?
  6. Hi All Looking for some help with a problem with this chipper - pictures below. Firstly, can anyone identify the make? (no ID on machine itself but Dealer sticker is there but they're shut due to COVID-19) The feed rollers don't drive correctly.....no power to feed material to blades. Checked oil level and lever connected to linkage seems to be working in the spool block i.e. it clicks into the 3 positions. The rollers turn very slowly but as soon as you introduce a small stick....they stop. I have a heap of work to do with this whilst lockdown continues, but this issue has me beat at the moment!! Cheers Guy


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